My take on Kumawu going GoFundMe to renovate the Chief’s Palace

Kumawu, my adorable place of birth and paternal ancestral home has resorted to the magnanimously famous social media GoFundMe to renovate her Chief’s Palace. The palace has not seen any major renovations since the reign or demise of  Barima Otuo Acheampong, a brave and handsome paramount Chief (Omanhene) of Kumawu traditional area. He passed away somewhere in March 1973.

I was taken aback to find a Facebook link on my WhatsApp wall, sent by one of my usual contacts, also a native of Kumawu, on Wednesday, 19 May 2021, soliciting funds to renovate the near dilapidated Kumawu chief’s palace. The envisioned or started renovation of the palace has become a bittersweet occasion to me.

It is a source of happiness to me to live to witness the renovation of the decades-old left to rot Kumawu palace. However, my eyes welled up with tears to see Kumawu go public soliciting alms to enable her renovate her palace. Kumawu is not that poor to go begging for funds before she could renovate her disgracefully-abandoned to rot palace. But for corruption, lack of vision, insatiable greed and sheer stupidity, Kumawu has been brought to her knees, compelled to resort to denigrating means to be able to renovate her palace.

Kumawu is one of the principal and ancient divisional members of then Asante Confederacy or Kingdom, now Asanteman Council. It was one of the most feared, brave and warrior states or divisions within the Kingdom. It has its rich, envious, protected and proud history. Nevertheless, Kumawu has been completely brought down to crawl on her palms and knees like a toddler, all because of the selfish aspirations and greedy quest for wealth by certain traditional leaders, including especially, the current queen of the area.

Kumawu in the midst of plenty natural resources, is now suffering total poverty. This is as a result of the queen and the current self-styling Kumawu paramount chief voluntarily colluding with Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II to take away the power, position and eminence of Kumawu within Asanteman. The queen has intentionally but honestly wickedly and stupidly brought Kumawu under the inextricable sphere of influence of Asantehene, contrary to standing Kumawu and Asanteman conventions (traditions and customs).

It is not by the renovation of the palace that Kumawu can regain her lost eminence, position and rich history within Asanteman as erroneously asserted by the Kumawu Traditional Council, the author of the now gone viral “GoFundMe for palace renovation”.

How on earth should the Kumawu Traditional Council look on or sit down nonchalantly with their palms squeezed in-between their thighs when Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II dubiously avails himself of hundreds of thousands of hectares of Kumawu stool lands? He had once engaged surveyors to demarcate many miles square of the cadastral Kumawu stool lands in the hope of passing it to Kumasi chief and Kumasi domination. I put out a publication about this. Again, it is not that Kumawu queen is not aware of it. She is complicit in all the attempts by Asantehene to deprive Kumawu of her lands, rich history and position.

It is a total shame for Kumawu Traditional Council to go out appealing for funds while presiding over the collusive broad daylight robbery of her resources by Asantehene and his lieutenants, among whom Kumawu queen figures conspicuously.

If Kumawu Traditional Council really wants to see the prevalence of the rich history of Kumawu and her elevated position in Asanteman, it is not by the renovation of the palace per se through soliciting for alms but ensuring the sovereignty of Kumawu division within Asanteman as per their convention. They should not allow Asantehene to collude with Kumawuhemaa to permanently deprive Kumawuman of her stool lands to force Kumawuman under his influence.

Kumawu is seeking about a total of 250,000 Euros to renovate the palace as per the information contained in their GoFundMe message as found below. However, they have watched like people without brains and dumb and deaf while Asantehene and Kumawuhemaa dubiously permanently deprived Kumawuman of millions of US dollars by the collusive lease of Kumawu stool lands. Kumawu risks losing the lands to Kumasi for good if nothing was done to reverse the stranglehold on Kumawu by Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II.

A call for Support: Kumawuman Palace Project, organized by Kumawuman Traditional Council


I will personally not contribute a dime towards this solicitation until the restitution of the nearly stolen Kumawu stool lands by Asantehene and decoupling the wrongfully unconventional stranglehold he has on Kumawuman by virtue of his collusion with Kumawuhemaa.

Kumawu is like Ghana which is sitting on abundance of gold but suffering from poverty and hunger while foreign Chinese nationals come to selfishly and criminally exploit the riches of the country to a hilt with the eventual enslavement of Ghanaians in their own land. What a shame!!!

Rockson Adofo