If you want to see quality roads we challenge you to pay us – Road Contractors to Amoako-Atta

Road contractors say they are capable enough to construct quality roads that will last longer.

They noted that it can only be possible if government pay monies owe them for work done.

According to the contractors, getting paid for jobs done has become a difficult banter between them and the government.

They claim some of their members have died as a result of loans they took from banks to finance the contract.

This follows claims of the Roads and Highways Minister Kwesi Amoako-Atta will be going hard on contractors in the coming weeks over shoddy jobs. The roads ministry is moving the defect liability period from 12 months to five years.

Reacting to the comment, the Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Chamber of Construction Emmanuel Cherry said the sector minister should use the same passion with which he condemns bad roads in paying contractors for jobs done.

“We are now entering into the rainy season and as we speak a lot of construction has stalled. Some of the contractors have moved from sites because the contractual agreement hasn’t been met. If you want to see the efficiency of a Ghanaian contractor, payment has to be made. We are challenging the minister to pay us well and then we’ll provide the quality he wants. The passion and energy the minister spoke with yesterday, I love it but he should put that same passion into paying us,” he told Francis Abban on Morning Starr Monday.