1. You may not agree with each other but there is this special love that exists between you which always gives me joy whenever I look at you. That’s just the bliss in been a twin. You always get everything double. Happy birthday lovely twins!

2. Everyone loves twins because they are unique in their ways; unfortunately, only a few are blessed with the gift of being a twin. Lucky you, my dear twin sisters, Happy Birthday to you.

3. You are both wonderful and amazing; you bring joy and fun into my life with your beautiful ways of doing things. I am so lucky to have you as my sister. Happy Birthday my darling twins.

4. Life is so interesting been a twin or having a set of the world’s most beautiful twins around you; I wish I have someone who shares the same face as me. I will have been the happiest man on earth. Happy birthday, twin sisters. I love you.

5. We have been together since these days sharing a common ground and common acts together. It only doubles our love for one and another because you are my darling twin sisters. I love you beyond the sky.

6. On this special day you were born, I was the happiest because you brought joy into the family upon your arrival. Now you are both sixteen, I am begging the Lord to spare your life and support your affairs till your adulthood.

7. I am happy that my twin sisters are the most precious twins in the world. Have a wonderful birthday and your new age I pray shall come with lots of prosperities. Happy birthday.

8. In the whole of the universe, I have never seen twin sisters as special as you are before; you both are so adorable, sweet, and easygoing. I pray that your entire heart’s desires be fulfilled now and forever. Happy birthday, my super twin sisters.

9. I am sending this beautiful message to my gorgeous and awesome twin sisters, I wish you all the best on this earth and pray that your new age brings endless joy into your life; thanks for forever been there for me. Happy birthday, twins.

10. I am wishing the most awesome twins a splendid birthday; I pray that your life is filled with endless joy and happiness. You two are a very special jewel and I appreciate that you let me into your world.

11. Happy birthday, twins. I am so lucky to have you in my life. I pray that this new age of yours marks the beginning of several breakthroughs upon successes in your life. I beseech the Lord to honor you beyond expectation.

12. Today is a magnificent day in your life; a happy birthday. I pray that the whole door of success and prosperity be opened in your life; happy birthday my dear lovely sisters.

13. Today is your day my dear twin sisters, I am wishing you the most fulfilling moment today and forever. I pray that the years ahead be a complete joy, happiness, and prosperity.

14. You are the sweetest set of twins I have ever seen before; no other ones can replace you in my heart. My entire wish is to see you been happy from now till the end of time. May the spirit of success always be with you till eternity; happy birthday.

15. What amazing twins you both are; just like the blades of the standing fan, inseparable always together in fun and in seriousness. I pray you remain inseparable in love for the rest of your life. Happy birthday, twin sisters.

16. You both are the perfect match for each other; so special and easy-going amazing twin sisters. I have no choice but to always let you understand that you mean the world to me; May you always be found in peace and harmony. Happy birthday to my dearest twin sisters.

17. Today is your new day in your life; I love you beyond the sky because your arrival in this family was full of joy and happiness. I cherish you with all my heart. Happy birthday to you my love.

18. I am wishing the world’s most beautiful twin sisters a very wonderful day. On your special day, I beseech the Lord to uplift you more than you can ever imagine. Happy birthday my dear sister.

19. I was happy because you came into my world and I am so pleased that you both are my good friends, I just want to say happy birthday to the best twins in the world.

20. Happy birthday to my dearest sisters, I hope you will have one of the most beautiful birthdays today as you clock another year. I ask the Lord to ease your affairs now and other days to come.

21. You are the sweetest twin sisters ever known and I cherish you so much for this special reason. As you clock another special year today, it is my pleasure to let you know that you mean the world to me. Happy birthday, my sweet chocolates.

22. Today is a special day for the most beautiful twin sisters in the entire globe. I consider myself lucky because you belong to me and I am yours. On this great day of your life, I am wishing you a fantastic happy birthday.

23. I only don’t see you guys as little sisters but also as the coolest companions ever met on earth and as my contemporaries, I want you to know that I am so lucky to have you in my life. Happy birthday to the world’s lovely twins stars.

24. To the most beautiful sisters; in a million girls, you will always be number one. I love you guys beyond extraordinary reason. You are my sweetest angels the ones that put a smile on my face.
Happy birthday to you.

25. Every moment shared with you brought lots of smile and light to my face; I will always be there to make you understand that you are so special. A wonderful set of pearls of twins that put a smile on my face.

26. Life is not sweet sometimes it comes with bitterness that may last for a longer time; no doubt, you can’t escape the ups and downs of this world but one day you will smile in the end. Happy birthday my love.

27. I love you guys for having been here with me; you are so special and I pray that the Lord Almighty be pleased with you in every step you take in your life; I just want to say happy birthday to my sweet sisters.

28. How I wonder in my heart whenever I see you both playing together in the same clothes and the same faces. Thank God that you are my sisters may the Lord continue to honor you till the end of time. Happy birthday!

29. You always put a smile on my face with your unique attitudes and your presence in my life took away all my pains. This is how sweet you are to me; I will always thank God for giving you to me as twin sisters. Have a fantastic birthday.

30. Happy birthday to the most gorgeous and gentle twin sisters in the world. I pray that your life is endowed with endless joy and happiness. You will always be the best among the other girls in my heart.

31. My dear daughters, I want you to know that nothing lasts forever but an exception to my genuine love for you. Even after my death, if I am given the grace to still love, I will love you more than I do when I was alive. Happy birthday.

32. You have always been my darling sisters and you will always be; because I gave birth to you and naturally I love you. Happy birthday to you the precious gifts that God gave to me. I cherish you with endless joy and happiness. Happy birthday.

33. It is another special day of the year again in your life; just like my promise to you that I will always make you smile, be rest assured that you will always find me by your side. Happy birthday.

34. As your mother, I am praying for you to have the entire best thing your heart desires; I love and cherish you with all of my heart the most beautiful babies in the world. Have an outstanding birthday, my lovely daughters.

35. Dear daughters, no other children from outside the family can be more precious to me like both of you and the reason is that I love my children equally; I hope you will not fight over your beautiful birthday cake? I love you both, happy birthday.

36. You both are extraordinary beautiful pearls. Anytime I look into your eyes, a special feeling of pleasure arises in my heart and I will have no choice than to thank God for granting you to me as my beloved twins; happy birthday.

37. The pleasure of having twin baby is unspeakable and since the day I gave birth to you, my heart has always been filled with joy and happiness. I love you both will always like to see you in peace with each other; Happy Birthday my affable twins.

38. The day you came into this world, I became the happiest mother on earth. I was not worried about how to take care of you because I intended to have a good story to serve as a lesson for you to face the challenges in this world. Happy birthday my lovely twins.

39. Happy Birthday to my beautiful twin daughters, having you in my life gives me endless joy and happiness and I will always. I pray that your new day is blessed with endless success.

40. On this Special Day of your life, I will be glad to see you blow the candle of one cake together as a sign of unity between you both. I wish all the best in this life and pray that your days be crowned with endless joy and happiness.