We’re not tired of spending on Kotoko but stop the insults – Board member

Asante Kotoko

Board member of Kumasi Asante Kotoko, Kwadwo Boateng Genfi says that the current 12 member board constituted by His Royal Majesty Otumfour Osei Tutu II exactly a year ago are not tired on spending to help the club to glory.

But has urged the media to stop insulting, chastising them because their only crime is that they chose to spend their hard-earned money on the club they love.

He says that they have spent enormously on the club since taking over the last one year but admits that even Bill Gates will get tired when he keeps spending money always.

But says they are not tired the least when spending money to improve the fortunes of Kumasi Asante Kotoko but they are mostly irritated by the constant insults, vilification from the media.

He was speaking in an interview with Oyerepa FM on the occasion of the boards of director’s one year anniversary.

“With matters of money and matters of the board it is not everything that I can disclose to the media…when you are given a job you cannot always be complaining no we do not do things that way.

Even in this world when you are Bill Gates when you keep on paying money you sometimes can get tired”

Asked whether they are tired:” No we are not tired one bit but we have done very well when it comes to money issues

You media people the things you do can be very discouraging as we contribute from our pockets to help Kotoko you sit on your radio to insult us and lambast us without any facts… It is so unfair to the board,” he emphasized.

He had some stern words of advise to the all knowing media fraternity who hurl abuses at the board of directors.

“That is why we say you people should educate your people who do not know the practices of corporate governance maybe you may have had the chance on free radio to spew anything but I have no chance.

Some of us are elderly persons and we can’t rebut everything some of us are matured people and we cannot rebut to everything but what you say on your small radio will be taken by people as the truth as most of them are concocted”.

“We have a job to do and if we listen to the public or play to the gallery or respond to anything we can’t reach our goal by achieving success for Kotoko

Sometimes we get furious and question what is our crime… just by using our resources to help Asante Kotoko??”

Asked whether they have considered quitting before he said: “Yes as we are also humans but due to Otumfour we restrain

We have wives and kids they sometimes ask us Daddy whats you crime and we tell them we have done nothing that is why we are pleading to the supporters, those of you in the media radio presenters and their panelist be patient with us the board and management so we can do the job for Kotoko.”

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