Green  Ghana is an initiative that aims at planting five million trees in a single day across the country. One Tree Planted focus in Ghana is on rebuilding animal habitat, restoring soil and critical watersheds, all while improving the lives of the communities who rely on the forests the most.

Trees also give us furniture, tables, chairs, beds and many other household items. Tree plantation also give us timber of sporting equipment like cricket bats, wickets and many other tools. Tree plantations offer us materials such as wood pulp that is critical in paper manufacturing. They also give us substances or chemicals like a raisin that is used in rubber manufacturing that is important in the transport industry and plastic manufacturing. Trees are also a source of fuel to cook food and to keep warm during cold weather. They provide us with shelter from the sun rain and other climatic conditions.

Tree plantations give us trees that are a source of our medicines for various ailments including a cough, headaches and many others. Trees help in conserving water and in dealing with the problems of climate change. They are very important in preserving soils, they hold the soils from being blown away and their leaves enrich the soils for a better harvest. Trees sustain wildlife, they give shelter to birds and animals. They also give them food and protect them from climate elements like rain wind and the sun. Without tree plantations, human life will not be possible. Trees are a great source of life for humans, animals and birds.

Besides this, trees cause rains which are as necessary as air. They give us a beautiful landscape and help in the ecological balance of nature. You can imagine the surface of the moon. Our earth would be like that without trees – lifeless, colourless, lustreless. We are here because of them. We must therefore start valuing them. In the past trees were planted by kings and nawabs on roads, around palaces and in gardens. In the modern times local governments have been planting them on roads and in parks. Today we are planting them almost everywhere on vacant spaces.

Our disregard for trees has borne us with sour fruits. Let’s look at the effects of deforestation and increasing urbanization. Environmental pollution is their result. Global warming or the greenhouse effect have caused drought conditions in many parts of the world. Undoubtedly many regions in our country are feeling under scanty rainfall. If we are really serious about the value of tree plantation due to these reasons, it becomes our urgent duty to plant more and more trees on every available inch of land. It is the need of the hour that something should be done to restrain the increasing environmental degradation by planting more trees and implementing various laws to check tree feeling.

How to take care of the tree you planted

Caring for a tree and watching it grow can be a rewarding experience. It’s important to take care of your tree during its first few years so it establishes strong roots and grows to be green and healthy.

Water your tree thoroughly right after you plant it. Watering your tree right away will help settle the soil and mulch, and it will give the roots moisture they need to start growing. Don’t soak the soil around your tree. Spraying it with a gardening hose for 30 seconds should give it enough water.

Keep the soil moist if your tree is less than 2 years old. Whenever the soil looks dry, water your tree with a garden hose for about 30 seconds. Young trees need lots of water so they can establish their roots in the soil. Don’t over water your tree though, or you could cause root rot. The soil should be moist, not soaking wet. 

The oft-quoted saying “when the last tree dies, the last man dies” has now become a mere cliché due to the lack of regard shown for it.
In the words of Chinua Achebe a renowned Nigerian writer “Proverbs are the palm oil with which words are eaten “This statement connotes the important role proverbs play in the daily utterances and hence the need for us to show regard for their contents.

Already the government, through the ministry of lands and natural resources in collaboration with other stakeholders has employed a good number of the youths, who are seriously planting trees to regain the lost forest. That is a very commendable effort. It is about time we all follow individuals who are seriously championing the crusade of protecting the environment. It must be noted that we destroy ourselves by destroying the environment.

Congratulations to the President, Minister’s, MP’s, CEO’s, MMDCE’s, Stakeholders and all members who took part in this exercise.