The very enemies of traditional chiefs and political leaders are those who solidly defend them in their wrongdoings

Human beings, especially Africans and particularly Ghanaians, very often see those who rally supportively behind them at all time as their best friends. Yes, a true friend will always be there for you, no matter the occasion. However, one must be wise enough to tell when one supporting them is a true friend, an enemy in disguise, or an unknowingly to the supporters themselves to be unconscious enemies.

Let me briefly explain who could possibly be an unconscious enemy. When you are fighting somebody, physically I mean, or about to fight someone, whoever comes to separate you or asks you to stop fighting is a friend to you at that moment, regardless. However, he who goads you into the fight, no matter how strong you are and could possibly beat your opponent into pulp is your enemy. The one encouraging you into the fight may think he likes you because it was about time you pumped sense into the head of the other person. You, on the other hand, may think the one pushing you to fight because the other one before you is weak to be beaten, loves you. No, the one supporting you at that moment and in your wrongdoing is your enemy!

What if, you give your opponent a knock and he dies? What if you critically wound your opponent? Do you think the law will set you free because you were given public support to go ahead with the fight? When it comes to the moment of finding yourself in the grips of the law, whether you were publicly supported and encouraged to fight or not, those who supported or ill-advised you to fight will desert you in droves. You will be the only one left to face the law at that critical moment. Would the one who advised you not to fight, if you had heeded his dissuasion not to fight, and not have gotten yourself into trouble, not be the best, but unknown, friend to you?

Going back, let us ask ourselves why will some people suddenly decide to insult you? Will they insult you for its own sake? Will they insult you because you are doing something wrong or have stepped on their toes? Will they insult you because you are doing something good that they can’t do themselves so out of sheer envy, they have started to attack you?

When you come under such insulting attack, as a victim, start to do introspection. It could be that you are doing something wrong that you are aware or unaware of. For rational people or enemies may not start to insult you for no reason. There is a reason behind any action one takes. The reason could be proper or not. This brings into mind the physics or chemistry law of action and reaction. What a case of, “Nothing ventured, nothing came”

Yes, one may insult you out of jealousy and currently in Ghana, just to malign you for political and partisanship reasons. Those taking after that path of behaviour are purely irrational beings. Nonetheless, one must at all times investigate why he is always being insulted.

For example, if I chose to heap insults on say, the Asante Overlord, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, it could be for a good number of reasons among which are;

1.     Autocratically arrogating to himself powers that Asantehene used to exercise in the 16th  to 19th Centuries thereabout but which powers have been taken away from them since the restoration of the Asante Confederacy in 1935.

2.     Usurping the powers of Kumawu with the motive of exploiting the wealth of Kumawuman, colluding to permanently reallocate Kumawu stool lands to himself and his Kumasi division of which he is Kumasihene. These actions by him are totally contrary to the standing procedures and traditions of Kumawu as well as the governing conventions of the now Asanteman Council, formerly the Asante Confederacy or Asante Kingdom.

3.     Interfering in Kumawu chieftaincy affairs by imposing a royal candidate of his choice on Kumawu as paramount chief (Omanhene) whereas Asantehene had absolutely no right, during the Asante Confederacy, let alone, after the restoration of the Asante Confederacy in 1935 when the position of Asantehene was reduced to merely Ceremonial Head with all their autocratic powers officially and traditionally removed from them until today.

4.     Using government machinery to intimidate those sensible Kumawuman subjects who know the history and understand the prevailing laws, conventions and standing procedures. He does that to silence them into submission so that he could have his illegal way in whatever criminal intention he has about Kumawuman.

The real and perceived bad things he is doing against Kumawu of which the list can extend much longer if I enumerated all, are some of his disgusting behaviours that make some people want to insult him. It is not only against the people of Kumawuman that he has wronged but other subjects of other divisions within Asanteman.

Again, is he performing the functions of a chief that brings prosperity and development to his subjects as his predecessors did? Surely, not.

Any leader that abuses his position to subjugate his people or rob them in broad daylight will be insulted; that is certain. They had better change their deplorable attitudes before the insults turn into something more sinister.

It is said, “It does not belong to he who is leading to redirect their steps” Therefore, those who are always supportive of a leader when the leader is doing wrong, should see themselves as the enemies of that leader. If they had corrected him, pointing his faults to him, he would change and not give permission to others to insult them.

Take a recent commenter who passed an insulting comment on one of articles published on Modernghana. Com  titled, “ The Ghanaian upbringing, their hospitality and tradition have naturally made them too submissive”, for example. He said, and I quote, “Your lunatic obsession with perceived wrongdoing borders on “psycho-sociopathetic” affliction!”

Go back to read that article to see if the commenter using the moniker “Kumawuba” is doing those mentioned in the article any good. He clearly glorifies wrongdoing and praises wrongdoers. Such are the supporters of evildoers that give cause for others to insult those that they do support and revere. They are not doing the evildoers they support any good. However, if they had supported them by correcting them or pointing out their shortcomings to them to get them stop their bad attitudes, nobody would insult them.

How is my repeated revelation of wrongdoings by our politicians, law enforcement agents, the courts, traditional chiefs and Ghanaians in general, makes me a psychopath or sociopath as the commenter is claiming? It is he, who is rather ignorant and knowingly a partaker of evil hence condemning me for highlighting the evildoings by people like Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II. If he had heeded my public revelations of his evildoings, friendly warnings to him, he would today not be openly denigrated by some youth and pastors.

For the sake of easy understanding of how that fake “Kumawuba” perceives me, let me explain his brief statement by defining the words therein.

Psychopath is “a person who has no feeling for other people, does not think about the future, and does not feel bad about anything they have done in the past” with psycho meaning “someone who is very mentally ill and dangerous”, etc.

Sociopath is “a person who is completely unable or unwilling to behave in a way that is acceptable to society or displays a pattern of disregard for the rights of others”

I do not want to go into the nitty-gritty of his perception about me by explaining his attack on me as inferred from his brief statement. Yes, I have to be crazy about the fact Otumfuo and others entrusted with noble responsibilities are rather behaving irresponsibly and have become maybe criminals hence objects of verbal attacks by some concerned Ghanaian citizens.

Until Kumawuman is freed from the illegal dominion of Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II and Ghana ceased being toyed by some criminal politicians, their wrongdoings will always he highlighted and those who care will insult them. That is certain!

As some Christians vow to be crazy for Jesus, so shall I lunatically be a voice for the voiceless and condemn the wrongdoings by people who are put in positions of trust but end up abusing them.

Rockson Adofo