I am struck by the sheer absurdity of the arguments being made by some of these attention seeking elements who call themselves the FixTheCountry campaigners.

They appear to be on expeditions around the country with the view to recruiting tragic stories into their fold and promote same as part of their agenda to create the impression that the country under the current leadership is tattered beyond redemption.

Macho Kaaka of Ejura, before his reported death, was said to have been warned by the Ejura police to desist from his FixTheCountry advocacy lest the law would deal with him.

He has been reported dead which is a very heartrending phenomenon. His death is being blamed on his association with the FixTheCountry campaign. His death is virtually being blamed on this administration.

His brother has dismissed these claims as untrue and figments of the imaginations of those who are peddling these falsehoods. His brother wasn’t a member of the FixTheCountry group and neither was the so-called warning letter to him had any links with whatever advocacy he was involved in.

Let us even, for the sake of argument, admit he was a member of the group, what shows that he suffered this fate because of his campaign? The police’s letter, according to his brother, had to do with a separate incident he had with the security agency.

From these events, irrespective of what leads to one’s death or tragedy, as long as he is seen to have associated himself with FixTheCountry group, his fate is attributed to the group.

This hideously putrefying crusade to link the young man’s tragedy to his so-called advocacy is the most repulsive and ridiculous assertion to have come from a group of people who believe common sense resides in their homes.

It is a travesty of logical reasoning for these people to link his death to his involvement with the group, assuming that’s even true. The danger in what they’re doing is that they’re obstructing the work of the police with these false but illogical claim. Logical reasoning should be reintroduced for these people to enroll in, for they need it now more than ever.

P.K. Sarpong, Whispers from the Corridors of the Thinking Place.