*CLEMENT OSEI ✍️✍️✍️✍️✍️(OneManCrusader)

The office of the Graduate Students’ Association of Ghana- AAMUSTED chapter is critical in harnessing the rich potential of graduate students to foster national development. GRASAG AAMUSTED must not be an Association that exists only by name but must be positioned on a pedestal that responds to the needs of the graduate students.

Even though, the Association aims at promoting the academic, social and general welfare of its members and provide a forum for members to discuss issues of mutual interest and benefit.

That notwithstanding, In my interactions with some graduate students, they have shared with me their frustrations and sentiments about GRASAG and I share similar sentiments. What are their dues being used for? is the major question among GRASAG members.

I am convinced that, the Association needs a paradigm shift from the business type of governance as usual to a more pragmatic, robust, vibrant and purposeful leadership.

As GRASAG AAMUSTED President for the 2021/22 academic year, if In all humility I’m giving the nod, the first issue my Executive Committee will look at is the increment of bursary/thesis grant. Even though the 2019/20 academic year is over, no graduate student has received his or her thesis grant. Inaccessibility of this grant shall not be the plight of people under my watch.

Furthermore, GRASAG AAMUSTED under my tenure will liaise with other college presidents from sister Graduate institutions to write to the office of the National GRASAG to engage the National Service Secretariat, Ministry of Finance and all relevant state agencies on drawing a road map for the release and increment of thesis grant. Now, once a road map is agreed upon and designed, we shall continue to engage the National executives through constant reminders about the need to stick to the road map.

Moreover, My attention will equally be focused on addressing pertinent campus problems such as the provision of water Dispensers, other COVID-19 accoutrements for each graduate lecture hall. This is because, having assessed carefully the various lecture halls that house my noble colleagues, I have identified the non-availability of water in and around lecture halls for postgraduate students. Therefore I in conjunction with my able executives and Senate will provide water dispensers for most of the lecture halls through sponsorship. Water is life and we must always have it in our possession to help in constant hydration of my people as well as using the other COVID 19 safety precautionary items that would be provided.

Additionally, the 2021/2022 GRASAG AAMUSTED will secure a parcel of land to build GRASAG Hostel through BOOT (Built, Owned, Operate and Transfer) or fall on the office of the works and housing to construct it. This project though a long term one, is projected to be ready by 2024.
But I will play a pivotal role in seeing this a reality as a humble servant 🙏

Colleague graduate students, I pledge and stand by this promise that, GRASAG will receive souvenirs in the first two(2) months through pre-financing after the resumption. Souvenirs at times bear the names of the institution and the association which projects the image of the association when put on.

Furthermore, the CLEMENT OSEI-led administration would seek scholarships for brilliant but needy graduate students from GNPC, Scholarship Secretariat and GetFund.

GRASAG AAMUSTED under my auspices will facilitate the publication of research done by its members for national and public perusal. GRASAG AAMUSTED will do so by obtaining a licence to produce and publish a “local Peer Review journal”. This publication will be maintained online for the first year, and approved research papers will be uploaded for free.

Again, in ensuring safety precautionary measures especially to avert fire outbreaks, my administration shall equip all the lecture halls with fire extinguishers as a first-aid measure should any unforeseen emergency erupts.

Moreso, I’m frantically aware of the hustle and struggle most students especially the graduate students whose course is primarily research-oriented go through in assessing workable internet connectivity, I shall liaise with the SRC leadership, the school management to improve internet connectivity especially in our classrooms to enable quick access to the optic fibres of the WIFI to compliment our works, projects and other research works.

Finally, as an activist who believes in improving development by enhancing socialisation, I shall strictly work in promoting inter-departmental programs to augment better networking among members since we are the same people that are going to make up the working class out there. These and many other innovative policies I intend to bring on board and shall come to light only with your unflinching support and massive endorsement come THURSDAY. GOD BLESS YOU AND I LOVE YOU ALL