Mahama Has No Business Getting Angry Over Lord Commey’s Harmless Comments

Mahama Has No Business Getting Angry Over Lord Commey’s Harmless Comments

Loath as I am to say this, honesty impels me to say that former President John Dramani Mahama is probably suffering from Alzheimer’s.

For a man who spoke with elocution and proclaimed that the 2024 elections would be a do or die affair to be expressing rage at a harmless statement made by Lord Commey is something that is puzzling.

Lord Commey only said that the NPP is doing well and for that matter Ghanaians will renew the party’s mandate for the President to hand over power to another NPP presidential candidate to continue with the legacy of the current government and John Mahama is seething with anger?

So if the NPP wins power with Dr. Bawumia in 2024, power should be given to the NDC? Is that what these people would want us to believe? If the NPP wins power which is more likely than not, wouldn’t the President hand over power to Dr. Bawumia?

What is wrong in what Lord Commey said looking at this scenario? Lord Commey was urging members of the party to work assiduously to ensure that we maintain power through the ballot and if same happens, who should be handed over power? Mahama? Hell no!

What I find so hard to believe is Mahama’s lack of knowledge about the expression used by Lord Commey. In his own case, he told us we were challenged when it came to idiomatic expressions.

His do or die is an idiomatic expression but what Lord Commey said is undemocratic to him! His do or die comment was a call on his party members to pick up arms and machetes to cause mayhem on the day of elections but Lord Commey just urged NPP members to work hard for us to continue being in power after 2024.

John Mahama is the last person to gat livid over what Lord Commey said. The two comments are completely worlds apart from each other. The incompetent one is looking for a classmate in Lord Commey but he has failed.

P.K. Sarpong, Whispers from the Corridors of the Thinking Place.