Nana Yaw Kesse Writes


When it comes to Sports Journalism, SOME of these so called local sports presenters/panelists are unprofessional and engage in mercenary journalism.

I was Head of Marketing & Corporate Affairs of FCP Bank when we were sponsors of the local league. Sometimes, some of these panelists will intentionally diss your brand and send messages to come and “see them”. Others too will tell you point blank that they will deal with you on their show if you don’t come and see them.

I never had any such experience with the English-speaking sports stations!

Another thing they do is that, they will call you and as soon as you pick up, they start recording without your consent. All preliminary chats are recorded and if you are inexperienced, they will mess you up!

One such station played such preliminary chat on radio. I had been instructed from the Board level not to comment on an issue and these guys called and claimed it was off record. I kept telling them I couldn’t comment. Before I knew, the recording was on air. If I made a mistake and said anything, I would have been hot. My bosses commended me when they heard the tape because they could tell that in as much as I said I couldn’t comment, it was obvious I didn’t even know i was being recorded.

The only bad experience with an English speaking station was when a reporter smuggled a live recorder and attempted to get me to comment on that same issue I had been gagged about.

Another problem of Ghana sports is these mercenary sports journalists/panelists.