Sir Gabo writes from Sakora Wonoo – his famous and iconic Kente-weaving village in the Kwabre east district of Ghana.

Sir Gabo writes from Sakora Wonoo – his famous and iconic Kente-weaving village in the Kwabre east district of Ghana.

Politics and International Relations.

Tuesday, October 26,

The Betrayal and Chaos in Afghanistan!

Dear Valued Reader,

The chaos and confusion that have engulfed Afghanistan can be gleaned from some of the screaming headlines of the British newspapers  below. They include: London Times, London Evening Standard, Daily Mail, The Sun and many others.

As Kabul Falls: What  have we Done? What the Hell did they all die For? US and Britain on Collision Course with Taliban. Johnson and Raab Asleep at the Wheel. Cop-Out and a Failure of Leadership. We might not get everyone out, Biden admits. ‘We should all hang our heads in shame’ The Flight from Hell. Race to Escape Kabul’s Carnage.Why did they come if they wanted to leave us like this? Death to the West. UK Cabinet Ministers at War in Afghan Blame Game.

The disturbing images of  chaos and confusion in Afghanistan – as we
all watched via the magic
of CNN Channel, a sick baby who was passed to a Marine officer over a wall at Kabul Airport – has set the whole world thinking. The seemingly display of cut and run foreign policy by the American Government  has really infuriated many people.

The anger of American family members who lost their dear ones in the war against the Talibans is as deep as in Britain and elsewhere. The scope and scale of those soldiers who got amputated is hugely unimaginable.

Whilst the 20-year war cost  as many as 457 British lives and the British government around  £220bn, it cost the lives of 2,500 American troops, $2.26trillion and around 240,000 Afghans’ lives.

Given that massive amount of money – $88.3bn spent on equipping the Afghan army and the training of more than 300,000 Afghan troops vi’s-a vis a generous estimate of about 85,000 Taliban fighters, why did  Kabul fall easily into the.hands of the Talibans?

Was the fall of Kabul due to corruption and non-payment of salaries of the Afghan forces? Was it the case that the American Government overestimated the capability of the Afghan Government’s forces at the expense of the resilience of the Afghans’ insurgents. Besides everything, it appears that the unique cultural, historical and religious beliefs of the Afghans coupled with the Americans’ mistake of allowing the local Government’s forces to over rely on American troops was another contributing factor.

Given the chaotic atmosphere that has clouded Kabul, the former British Prime Minister expressed her disgust that it was incomprehensible that the UK couldn’t provide any attractive alternative to protect the Afghan Government’s efforts. Speaking at the Westminster Parliament in August, she posed the questions, “We boast about global Britain.But where is global Britain on the streets of Kabul?” Expressing her sense of despair she asked: ‘ Was our intelligence really so poor? Was our understanding of the Afghan Government so weak? Was our knowledge on the ground so inadequate?

Who is blaming whom?

In the UK, politicians at Westminster are blaming their Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the Foreign Minister Dominic Raab for their callous and cavalier attitude towards the safety of the Afghan people especially the indigenous translators who put their lives on line to help the British troops. Opposition leader, Sir Starmer is criticising the British Foreign Minister for even failing to speak to Ambassadors in the region as Kabul fell under the feet of the Talibans.The Labour Opposition leader saw this as dereliction of duty on the part of the foreign minister. He also took a swipe at Boris Johnson for failing to visit Afghanistan in his capacity as the prime minister. The continued  deteriorating conditions against women and other human rights abuses unfolding
in Afghanistan clearly demonstrate lack of effective leadership on the part of America and Britain.

In America, Donald Trump has described Joe Biden’s handling of the crisis in Afghanistan as the greatest
embarrassment of their country’s political history. Defending the withdrawal of American troops, President Joe Biden stressed we simply cannot fathom why American troops should continue to occupy Afghanistan after 20 years of training the security forces in the country. Like Iraq, America didn’t plan for the consequences of their action on the people  of Afghanistan. It is the greatest political betrayal any country could imagine and experience! The current grim situation  in Kabul, Khandahar and other places in the country has given a hammer blow to President Biden’s foreign policy initiative and future American foreign policy as a whole.

In July this year , President Biden assured the world that the chances that  Talibans would overrun and own everything in Afghanistan is highly impossible.How wrong was his prediction?  How unpopular and weak he comes across as a president? President Biden’s approval rate in US hovers around 44% among the American electorates.

Would the fall of Kabul in the hands of the Talibans provide Afghanistan as  a breeding ground for the  terrorists’ activities? If that happens what will the Nato allies do?  This was the very idea that prompted the US-led
military attack on al-Qaeda training camps and the Taliban regime in October 2001

The abortive and disastrous consequences of the recent  Western intervention in Afghanistan, Libya and Iraq seem to suggest that the Western allies can no longer impose their cultural values or democracy on any other foreign countries through the barrel of the gun.

Have the USA and her allies learnt lessons from the Kabul debacle?

The speed, intensity and seemingly overwhelming crushing of US-led Western allies hegemony in Afghanistan in the face of its 20-year long stay in the country raises critical questions with regard to America’s current place in the geo-politics of the world.The multi dollar question is whether the chaotic scenes in Kabul exemplifies the last throes of the “American century?”

The Guardian Weekly August 27 issue, wonders whether, “Nations will now think twice about committing to the US, hedging their bets by edging toward China and Russia.” Given America’s economic, technological superiority and sophisticated army that empowers them to intervene anywhere in the world – Biden’s America appears to be indispensable to her allies especially when it comes to issues that border on terrorism and its controlled mechanisms.

We at The Sakora Wonoo Economist wish the leadership and the teeming youth of less developed countries would learn lessons from the disastrous8 withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan and the chaotic conditions unfolding in the country. The saga of Afghanistan cautions political leaders in less- developed countries especially in Africa to ensure that they use the resources in their various countries judiciously to raise the living standards of their citizens.This will go a long way to avoid any confusion and chaos in the form of the coup detat which occurred in Guinea and Sudan.

It is about time we stopped talking our countries into confusion and chaos.

I remain,

Yours truly,
Sir Gabo
The Editor-in-Chief
The Sakora Wonoo Economist.