With ineffable verbosity, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa made a juxtaposition on JoyNews’ PMExpress show that defied logic.

In his vain attempts to deflate the sound arguments advanced by Honourable Dominic Nitiwul with respect to the justification for the President to travel long distances with a much healthier aircraft, Ablakwa made a point that betrayed his ignorance.

The North Tongu MP finds it unfathomable how the presidential aircraft acquired by France at the same time Ghana purchased hers but that of France is in pristine condition as opposed to Ghana’s Falcon.

In his view, two planes acquired on the same day or date should not exhibit different traits. If that of France is in a good condition and can be used by the French President, then Ghana’s presidential jet should also be in the same or similar situation.

This analogy is jejune, vapid and infantile. It is akin to saying that twins born on the same day should die the same age and time. It is like saying that all his classmates or age mates should be MPs because he is an MP.

Ablakwa has not questioned why President Mills of blessed memory left us when his brother was and is still alive. Logic has departed from the home of Ablakwa.

One is tempted to assume, based on this belief system of Ablakwa, that two or more Mercedes Benz cars manufactured and released on the same dates should not have different lifespans.

First of all, has he taken into consideration the number of trips Macron has embarked upon with their respective distances with their presidential jet to be making such a strange analogy?

Has he found out the distances covered by the two presidential jets individually to be making this comment? Under which conditions have the individual jets been kept?

When two products are not used at the same rates and to travel the same distances, their conditions cannot be expected to be the same, and this is the very logic Ablakwa doesn’t seem to get.

P.K. Sarpong, Whispers from the Corridors of the Thinking Place.