Ahanta Nurses root for Nana Kwadwo Akwaa for National Youth Organiser

Ahanta Nurses root for Nana Kwadwo Akwaa for National Youth Organiser

A contingent of Nurses in the Ahanta west district in the western region have joined the numerous & unending calls adding their voice to the growing plea of the grassroots requesting for Nana Kwadwo Akwaa to accept and respond to their call to contest for National Youth Organizer of the NPP.

According to the Nurses, they have heard of the numerous works of the CTI Boss prior to the 2016 & 2020 election campaigns respectively, when the going became tough & impossible, he Nana Kwadwo Akwaa established a political think tank that rescued the party from the the NDC with an overwhelming & unprecedented but historic victory through his gifted skill in mobilizing the grassroots and presentation of the party’s message to the Ghanaian people which literally gave our party, the NPP victory in 2016 & 2020 respectively.

According to the Nurses, they know for a fact that prior to the 2016 General general elections Nana Akwa was one of the major brain(s) behind Operation 30% for NPP in Volta and Volta Youth For Development where these groups were strategically placed, hence the unprecedented victory the party chalked.

They can attest to the fact that, during the just ended 2020 general elections, Nana K Akwa contributed a ton to our parties reelection by playing major roles for most parliamentary candidates. Kwadaso was rated the best Constituency in Ghana in terms of the percentage of votes for the NPP & the constituents of Kwadaso are living testimony of he’s good works to the party.

The Nurses intimated surprisingly why Nana K Akwaa hasn’t been given any appointment in Nana Addo’s government & thus threw their ever jealous support behind the CIT boss & call on him to be the next NYO after Nana B.
To the Nurses, such an industrious, workaholic young man of his calibre, who has served the party diligently throughout his lifetime should not be neglected by the party, but rather, needs to be given the rostrum to spearhead the youth front.

They believe going forward, the party needs to present individuals who understand the plight of the youth and can as well unite, mobilise, & push the front to breaking the 8.

Victory is not given on a silver platter, but rather, it demands maximum but strategic people with technical know how who can motivate the base of the party and as well dissect the party’s message and disseminate to achieve concrete results.

The Nurses called on the general public to adhere to the safety protocols and directives issued by government to prevent the spread of the novel pandemic which came crippling economies. They are of the view that, the deadly Covid-19 is like a corn husk, which will soon be wiped out.


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