An Appeal To The Christian Council To Stop Fake Prophet Badu Kobi From Giving Prophecies

An Appeal To The Christian Council To Stop Fake Prophet Badu Kobi From Giving Prophecies

Dear Christian Council,

With giant tears still streaming down my cheeks, I come to you with a request you must not refuse me.

One Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi has been desecrating God’s miraculous works with his BetBoro kind of predictions.

A chronology of his prophecies would help you in granting my request for me.

He said that John Mahama would win the 2016 elections. Of course, he lost. In fact, he even said Akufo-Addo was cursed and not destined to become a president of Ghana. Akufo-Addo is Ghana’s President for the second time running.

He prophesied that Trump would win the US elections in 2020. Trump, my main man, lost.

He also prophesied that Mahama would win the 2020 elections. He lost miserably!

Just yesterday, hours before Argentina and Brazil kicked the ball in the final match of the Copa America tournament, this same Badu Kobi prophesied in a video that went viral that Brazil would overpower Argentina. God shamed him as Argentina rather won.

Hoping that Emmanuel Badu Kobi would keep his mouth shut by not attempting any more prophecies about the England/Italy final match of the Euro2020 competition, Badu Kobi, once again, prophesied that England would win the match with ease.

Sir, England has lost. Italy, the country he said would lose, ended up winning instead, inducing tears of agony from those of us who threw our weights behind the Three Lions.

Now, let me come down to my request. I beseech you to stop Badu Kobi from prophesying in the name of God! He is defiling the name of God with his fake prophecies.

Stop Badu Kobi from prophesying and showcasing them on television and Facebook. YouTube too, stop him from sending his fake prophecies there.

I ask this with sadness crawling over me like ants climbing over a dead animal and feasting on its body.

It is my fervent hope that this request of mine would be given the necessary consideration it deserves. Thank you!

P.K.Sarpong, (Whispers).