Are the NDC for, or against, the fight against galamsey in Ghana?

Without an agreed collective stance taken on the fight against the devastating ramified illegal surface and alluvial mining ongoing in Ghana, any efforts made, and energy expended, by, the government of President Nana Akufo-Addo, to fighting it will pale to nothing in the end. To achieve the desire goal of preventing the nation’s water bodies, fertile and arable lands and virgin forests from further devastation under the hands of unscrupulous Ghanaians and foreigners seeking quick buck through surface and alluvial mining, there must be no covert or overt political partisanship to fighting the canker.

There are credible video-recorded instances where the NDC have been expressing total support for the intensification of galamsey activities in Ghana despite the galamsey inflicting irredeemable damage to the ecology of the country. All that the NDC care about is to win power to come and amass illegal wealth hence always playing populist politics with important national issues. With such obvious division in fighting the ruinous galamsey, how do we stand to win as a nation and a people? Will it not be the usual case of the NPP taking the nation one step forward in her development only for the NDC to come to power to take the nation two steps backwards? By this, the nation can never develop but rather stagnate, if not retrogress. This is why 64 years into her independence, we are still wobbling in poverty, mired in ignorance and force-fed corruption to our own detriment and shame.

The country is on a slippery slope into neo-colonization by the Chinese should Ghanaians as a people continue to be myopic, stupid to play dirty politics with our very means of survival and sustainability. Any politician or political party that continues to support the ongoing galamsey with its concomitant trails of irreparable ravages is not worth the mandate to govern Ghana.

NDC Galamsey campaign strategy 2020 will surprise you


Former President John Mahama has directly or craftily expressed support for galamsey activities in Ghana. Does he care a hoot about the permanent dangers the uncontrolled galamsey poses to the present and future generations yet unborn? No! He has probably amassed illegal wealth capable of catering for him and his family until their death so why should he worry about Ghana and Ghanaians? Has he not got properties abroad with most of his children living abroad where life is rosy?

For the sake of the lives of Ghanaians and how they can get food to eat by having fertile and arable lands to cultivate, potable waters to drink, fish to eat, clean air to breathe and plenty virgin forests to help with the rainfall, I declare my total support for the ongoing drastic fight against galamsey. I support the burning of the equipment of devastation found on galamsey sites irrespective of any opposing views to be expressed by any holier-than-thou persons. To such persons, I say, Once bitten, twice shy.

If the excavators were to be seized and taken anywhere in the country, they will eventually find themselves in the hands of their original owners or taken by others to restart the galamsey activities again. Therefore, the best solution is to set them on fire!

I dread the country going back into slavery under the control of the heartless and racists Chinese who have no respect for the black person and treat us worse than the dirt on their shoes.

I shall have to find a better means to explain to fellow Ghanaians why we should support the fight against galamsey and see anyone opposing it as the enemy of the people and the nation. The fight, like the law, should be no respecter of persons.

More grease to the elbows of the farsighted president and the combined military and other forces having a blitz on illegal galamsey activities in Ghana. The president must redeploy more military personnel to wage a lasting and successful war on galamsey.

Parliament must look into enacting a law to bind presidents from irresponsibly encouraging surface and alluvial mining in the country.

The threats of we will not vote for you as being hooted by some greedy, selfish and myopic Ghanaians to cow the president from continuing with his determination to inflict blows on galamsey should not put the president off tangent.

NDC, declare your stand on galamsey fight in Ghana now!  Let us see your true colours!

Water is life. Food is life. Air is life. Why then do we allow greedy Ghanaians and wicked foreigners to destroy our sources of life through galamsey?

Rockson Adofo, the no nonsense son of Kumawu/Asiampa soil, who does not treat fools kindly, has declared his stance on the fight against galamsey. What about you, the public reader?

Rockson Adofo