Are you Germany to construct 6,000km of roads, 120 footbridges and 20 interchanges in 4years when you owe us ? — Road contractors

The Road Contractors Association of Ghana is laughing off the promise by government to construct 6,000 km of roads in addition to 120 footbridges and 20 interchanges within a period of four years.

They said it is not possible in the sense that government is still struggling to pay debts owed them.

The Association added that government has not even completed the already existing and unfinished construction works.

Stephen Attatsi, the Vice Chairman of the Road Contractors Association- Ghana stated on the 3FM’s Sunrise Morning Show.

“One year is almost gone are you saying with the three years left they can do something? You see when you go to advance countries they can build that bridge within 24hrs especially Germany. But if you are talking about concrete issues it will take certain period to cure before you can pour another one”.