Award-winning investigative journalist Manasseh Azure is needed in Kumawu

I was thrilled to read about Manasseh Azure, so far the more comparatively credible Ghanaian investigative journalist winning recognition and award. He surely has ifs and buts in his investigative journalism career. However, he may be far ahead of, and better than, his colleague Anas Aremeyaw Anas.

While Anas has been proven to setup people, blackmail people and extort people, thus, those he investigates on suspicion of having committed, or about to commit, crimes, Manasseh on the other hand is not involved in such criminal activities. Nonetheless, he has his own shortcomings of temptations to be partisan and biased at times. Anyway, any shortcomings he may have are irrelevant to me today, as far as the motive behind this publication goes.

I am very much interested about who presented the award to him, and the excerpts of the citation of applause heaped on him.

Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, the traditional “overlord” of Asanteman, formerly the Asante Kingdom, and the most important, most revered and most fearful king or person in Ghana, did present the award to him. It must be noted that Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II is the Life Patron and serves as the Father and Overseer of the Millennium Excellence Foundation Awards that conferred the award on Manasseh.

Interestingly, the following part of the citation so much attracts my attention, motivating me to put out this publication. “You have mastered how to stand up against corruption with the most resolute conviction like David against Goliath when standing up is not for the faint hearts. You are a true patriot and a hero for silent majorities” (

For me to truly feel part of the silent majorities that Manasseh is fighting for, subsequent upon which the award is conferred on him, I would like to see him dabble into the ongoing Kumawu chieftaincy dispute to conduct investigations as to whether or not corruption of any sort has taken place. Unless his investigations into corruption are limited to politics, I see no reason why he can’t dive into chieftaincy where corruption is rife, whether it has to do with the nomination, selection and enstoolment of a royal candidate as chief or the sale of lands within the jurisdictions of the traditional chiefs.

Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II seems to appear like the proverbial pot that calls the kettle you are black. When heaping praises on a credible personality for successfully fearlessly fighting corruption, you must be sure to be clean yourself. You should not be someone feeding on corruption, wobbling in corruption, mired in corruption and sinking in corruption. It will be hypocritical of an unclean person to heap praises on a clean person in pretence that he, the unclean person, is clean and from the bottom of their heart, they are 100% supportive of the clean person fighting uncleanliness.

While waiting and counting on Manasseh Azure to take his criminal investigation journalism to another level to encompass chieftaincy issues, I will entreat him to closely watch, a YouTube video fortunately, or unfortunately, titled, “Asantehene involved in corruption”. Then again, he can study most of my publications on the Kumawu chieftaincy dispute, the relevant sources of information as cited and then go to Kumawu to ask about their traditions and customs and standing procedures in relation to their association with the Asante Kingdom, now Asanteman Council, and how they choose their paramount chiefs.

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Does Asantehene have any role to play in the selection of a candidate for Kumawuhene, let alone, imposing a person of his choice on them? Does Asantehene have the right to sell Kumawu stool lands to foreigners and pocket the money?

For the conferment of the award on Manasseh by Asantehene to be more credible by the fact that it was Asantehene who presented it to him, Asantehene must himself be investigated to prove his credibility as far as corruption or abuse of power in Ghana goes.

I rest my challenge case to Manasseh Azure.

Rockson Adofo