Dear Citizens of Suame Municipality,

Dear Citizens of Suame Municipality,

Our brother, friend, servant, patriot and loyalist Richard Boadi Soadwa (a.k.a BRODA) has served with us for long. We know what he is made of as much as his capabilities and sense of purpose.

In the so many years of his involvement in the sociopolitical engagements in Suame Constituency, then within the Kumasi Metropolitan Area, Richard Boadi Soadwa, popularly known as Broda has not only exhibited his sacrificial dedication to duty and a common course but also his equal passion to serve and be a team player.

It is therefore not to be doubted that given the opportunity to serve the people of Suame Municipality as Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), he, Richard Boadi Soadwa together with all and sundry shall uplift the developmental face of the infant municipal.

The time is now then for us to rally behind our own “Broda” as he seeks a more progressive mode of service to us all. With Broda, Suame Municipality shall be united with a common purpose. Let him serve you.