ECOWAS leaders acquiesce to Goita’s leadership in Mali

At an extraordinarily session of ECOWAS leaders in Accra on Sunday May 30 in the political situation in Mali, their list of demands conspicuously excluded one calling for Col. Assimi Goita, the self-appointed military leader of Mali’s transition government, to cede power to a civilian.

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After Goita and lower ranked military officers overthrew President Boubacar Keita’s government on August 18, 2020, the ensuing ECOWAS led negotiations formed a transitional government with civilian Bah Ndaw as president with Goita as vice. A prime minister was appointed in addition to those two.

Last week, citing failure by Bah Ndaw to abide by the provisions of the transition agreement, Goita removed Ndaw and announced himself as the new transition president.

Ndaw voluntarily resigned, but while calling it a coup d’etat, ECOWAS surprisingly left Goita in place and announced the following demands at their extraordinary session in Accra.

a. Reaffirm the importance and necessity of respecting the democratic process for ascending to power, in conformity with the 2001 ECOWAS Protocol on Democracy and Good Governance. They particularly condemn all actions that led to ongoing instability in Mali, and its attendant consequences in the region;
b. Decide to suspend Mali from ECOWAS Institutions in line with ECOWAS provisions;
c. Call for a new civilian Prime Minister to be nominated immediately;
d. A new inclusive government should be formed to proceed with the transition programme;
e. Reaffirm the need to respect the transition period of 18 months decided in Accra. In this context, the date of 27th February 2022 already announced for the Presidential election should be absolutely maintained. A monitoring Mechanism will be put in place to this effect;
f. Reiterate the earlier decisions that the Head of the transition, the Vice-President and the Prime Minister of the transition should not, under any circumstances, be candidates for the forthcoming Presidential election;
g. Reaffirm ECOWAS’ support to accompany the transition process in Mali.
h. Urge all international partners (the African Union, the United Nations, and the European Union) to continue to support Mali towards the successful implementation of the transition;
i. Congratulate and encourage the Mediator to persevere with his mediation efforts and remain seized of the situation in Mali through the Local Monitoring Committee.
The Heads of State then called for the immediate implementation of all these decisions in conformity with the transition timetable defined.

The Mediator former Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan was consequently asked to return to Mali within a week to engage stakeholders on these decisions.
DNT News, Accra

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