Raynelle Boadu opines…….

The Bad
First and foremost, let me entend my deepest heartfelt condolences to the families of Kaake and the two rioters who were shot dead by the military and wish all the injured persons speedy recovery as they recoperate.

As unfortunate as the events leading to the death of “Kaake” and the subsequent riots are, one can’t help wondering what motivation certain media houses have in desperately trying to twist the story and make it about the defunct “fixthecountry” campaign. As we speak, no one knows for sure the identity and or motives of the killer(s). Suffice to say, every story out there is speculation bothering on hearsay with no facts to back it, and yet these unscrupulous media houses, for reasons best known to them keep reporting a certain line of story.

The Ugly
Every Ghanaian life is precious and one life lost, is one too many especially under such murky circumstances and in a totally needless manner.

But one can’t help wondering, what could’ve incited the youth to this riot, that led to police and military highhandedness and brutal force? And don’t get me wrong, I condemn in no uncertain terms the sheer brutality of the force used by the security agencies. It was unwarranted, most unfortunate and damn right unprofessional.

And yet again I ask myself, would the Ejurah youth have acted as violently as they did should these unprofessional media houses have reported the story as factually without the politically skewed embellishments?

The Rwandan genocide had similar and indeed parrallel antecedents. We better be careful with our media reportage and commentary.

Again the NDC, as incompetent as they were in government are also shamelessly stoking the fires to milk this unfortunate incident for cheap propaganda value. Shame on you John Dramani Mahama and Co. Ghanaians are wiser and more matured than you make us to be and we see through your pretencious act of care.

The Good
There is a silver lining to every cloud and I believe same to be true for this Ejurah incident. Let us learn the lessons in this story and build a better nation of responsible citizens and professional security agencies.

The President His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo Addo, has directed a commision of enquiry through the interior minister to be established and ascertain the facts of this incident (that is the rioting). I wish the commission Godspeed. To the police in Ejurah and the Ashante Regional police command, leave no stone unturned nor any effort spared in your investigations to gain the facts and ascertain the circumstances that led to the unfortunate death of “Kaake”. It is extremely important in order to keep these matters in its proper perspective.

Finally, to the youth of Ghana in general and Ejurah in particular, we are the future leaders and the future is indeed now. But of what use will we be as leaders if we’re dead? My simple advice is, by all means demonstrate your exuberance but do so tactfully, arming yourself with the facts and the law. After all who wants a lawless country.

Raynelle Boadu
President (Bold Patriots)