Fatherly and politically correct advice to Minister for Lands and Natural Resources, Hon. Samuel A. Jinapor

As any responsible father seeking the best interests and good name of his children and family will correctly advise their offspring, so shall I in this brief publication admonish Hon. Samuel A. Jinapor, the Minister for Lands and Natural Resources. At his young age, he could well be the same age as my second child. Therefore, I have a duty of care towards him as a parent to ensure he succeeds in his post to the admiration of discerning Ghanaians and the president who appointed him.

I feel obliged to advise him following the excerpts of his statements made at a press conference somewhere on Monday, 17 May 2021 or thereabout, and as played on air by Mac Jerry Osei Agyemang. On the Montie programme hosted by Mac Jerry and Kwabena Marfo on Wednesday, 19 May 2021, seeking to query the intelligence behind the wanton destruction of galamsey equipment belonging to illegal surface and alluvial miners in the fight to rout galamsey activities in Ghana, excerpt from Hon. Samuel A. Jinapor’s press conference was played.

Mr Jinapor as a public officer with his office being a public office, has made his door widely open to receive anybody willing to see him. It is very good of him to welcome everybody with open arms. However, he must be wary of the different miners flocking to his office to hold face to face or one on one conversation or consultation with him.

Almost every Ghanaian is susceptible to corruption same as Ghanaian males easily fall for the flattery and beauty of young girls. What do I mean by this by way of advice to Mr Jinapor? I mean to convey to his attention that the more he receives the miners in this period that they are seeking escape route from the destruction of their heavy duty excavators or mining equipment, they may tempt him with huge cash bribe or beautiful young girls. This may be to influence him to soften on the fight against galamsey.

Again, they could craftily lure him into discussing certain issues which they could secretly capture on audio or video. Once done, they will use it to weaken him via blackmail.

Was Professor Kwabena Boateng when in charge of fighting galamsey not secretly had his conversation with a certain Central regional NPP guru recorded? Was the recording not made available in the public domain to disgrace the professor to cost him his post of exercising oversight responsibility over stopping galamsey?

Mr Jinapor can continue to meet all sorts of miners and people coming to see him in his office. Nonetheless, he must be mindful of his discussions to avoid being trapped into accepting bribe. If he does anything untoward, it will not take long for his engagements with such persons to be made public, although such acts would initially have been held indoors or behind drawn curtains.

In Ghana, with the people’s mentality of pull him down, for various reasons amid dirty politicking by rival political parties, a trap could easily be set for Mr Jinapor to get him off his determination to stop galamsey to save the nation’s water bodies, fertile and arable lands and virgin forests.

Many a galamseyer is roaming about desperately seeking to save their job hence will do whatever it takes to achieve their aim. Do they mind if setting a trap to weaken Mr Jinapor becomes feasible and achievable?

Mr Jinapor is advised to be as clever and vigilant as the serpent. He should talk less but do more. He should be careful not to have himself secretly recorded for usage as a secret weapon to be openly wielded to blackmail him.

As all that glitters is not gold, so it is that not anyone who goes submissively before Mr Jinapor is sincere in their acts.

He who knows Mr Jinapor should please convey my message of admonition to him.

A word to the wise is enough!

Rockson Adofo