He who takes you abroad deserves more praise than he who helps you when you are already abroad

From my recent publication on 14 August 2021, seeking the opinion of the general public on who deserves more praise with regard to the question, “Seeking the general opinion of Ghanaians on a true story of who deserves greater praise –

the person taking you abroad or the person helping you while abroad”, everyone who contacted me said the same thing. Each of them said, he who takes you abroad deserves the first praise or more praise than he who comes your way to help you prosper when you are already abroad.

Almost all those who spared a moment of their time to read the publication and subsequently contacted me, used a popular Akan adage to support their view. They said, “Ennam dua so na d3t3 hunu soro”, to wit, it is by the tree that a climbing plant is able to reach higher up (the sky).

“Climbing plants are plants which climb up trees and other tall objects. Many of them are vines whose stems twine round trees and branches”.

 Without a tree, there is no way that a climbing plant, say, “d3t3” in Akan language, will ever be able to reach higher up to benefit from much sunshine. It would rather be spiralling on the ground as undergrowth had it not been the tree offering it support to grow upwards and higher up by twining round it.

Any benefits the climbing plant comes to enjoy for the fact of reaching higher up, is because of the tree that allowed it to wind around it to get to that height. In this regard, the climbing plant must be thankful to the main tree.

 Similarly, if you are not conveyed abroad or assisted to get abroad, how could you come across a person already residing abroad to marry you, by which you can become successful?

Thank the person who helps you to succeed in life when you are abroad but the greater thank you should go to he who first takes you abroad with the greatest thank you going to God the Almighty, Omnipotent and Omniscient.

To thee Ghanaians that are very ungrateful and do underrate the importance of those who convey you abroad, but overrate the importance of those who help you acquire residence papers and work abroad, let the above response be your guide from today forward.

The above response or conclusion is absolute. It can only be denied or disputed by a wicked fool.

Rockson Adofo