Hopeson Adorye of NPP is making himself hated and irrelevant

Mr Hopeson Adorye, my colleague in defence of the cause of the visionary NPP leader and President of the Republic, His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, and the values of NPP, is fast sliding down the slippery slope into the land of hatred and irrelevancy.

Before the advent of NPP into power under the able leadership of visionary Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, Hopeson Adorye was seen to be measured in his arguments in support of NPP and its incorruptible leader Nana Akufo-Addo. However, for almost the past two years or thereabout, Hopeson seems to have grown horns, throwing about himself like the strongest macho man in Ghana in the false assumption of being the most feared person who can roar louder than the Lion King to put the other animals in the jungle to flight by his sheer roars.

When he is on television or radio stations granting interviews or participating in political programmes, he often talks as if he can have his way in all things. His behaviour is surely a sign of inferiority complex on his part. He is trying his hardest to make himself be seen in the political arena as an indispensable force to reckon with.

When I sit back and listen to his bold machismo pronouncements, I laugh and weep for him. In his myopia, he thinks to be doing NPP and himself good but little does he know that he is making himself a walking laughing stock.

Not long ago, he was bragging on air that he would ensure the young man Twene Jonas, was deported from the USA to Ghana, for his insolence towards His Excellency the President, Nana Akufo-Addo, and other dignitaries in Ghana,

When I saw the total depiction of Hopeson’s lack of knowledge of how laws work in the white man’s land as against how they are twisted in Ghana in particular and Africa in general, to favour the rich and the powerful, I said to myself, Hopeson is a complete joke. How can he cause the deportation of Twene Jonas from the USA to Ghana for merely vociferously chastising the public and traditional leaderships of Ghana? Is insulting a leader but not defaming him a crime meriting deportation? No!

Hopeson’s action rather facilitates the chances of Twene Jonas applying for, and being granted, political asylum, in the USA because he will be persecuted for his genuine non-violent beliefs were he to be deported to Ghana as per Hopeson’s threats towards him.

When that questionable character, Captain Godsbrain Smart, determines to dispossess his former employer, Kwaku Oteng, of his luxury car, Hopeson and his colleague of same character, Ernest Owusu Bempah aka “Aboa Apapo”, behaving like birds of the same feathers flocking together, decide to apply force to get Captain Smart to return the car to its owner.

Why should Hopeson be making himself hated and irrelevant by publicly declaring to take decisions that he cannot successfully implement? Not only that, the way he portrays himself as though, he can make things happen at the crack of his fingers because he can cast his spell of abracadabra is quite laughable, if not mysterious.

I shall only advise Hopeson to tone down his arguments and actions in support of any dignitary in Ghana. This is in order not for him to get into any unexpected trouble, or invite public ridicule upon himself.

When he acts stupidly and he falls into the trap of the law, the very people he is aimlessly defending and fighting for will look elsewhere to let him suffer the consequences of his actions all alone. And, mind him, IGP Dr Dampare, the no-nonsense law-enforcing police head, who is making Ghana safe and making all discerning Ghanaians proud, will not spare him but squeeze his balls until he cries “me maame eee” like any child in distress weeping to summon assistance from his mother.

I am talking from experience and as an advice from a senior brother to his younger brother.

A word to the wise sufficient!

Rockson Adofo