Is Badu Kobi a prophet of God or a charlatan?

Who is a prophet, to start with? Is he not the one able to prophesy or predict correctly the things yet unknown to people but as a revelation to him by God?
What if someone claims to be a prophet of God and prophesies, same believing that the spirit of God upon him is revealing such hidden secrets to him but does get all his revelations wrong? Could such a person still be taken seriously as a prophet of God, if not a prophet of Satan?
All prophetic revelations by one Prophet Badu Kobi in Ghana turn out to be false. Should Ghanaians continue to take him seriously, a complete charlatan as he has manifestly become?
His reckless political prophecies always prove otherwise. His football games prophecies turn out the opposite, yet he claims God had revealed such hidden secrets that he makes public  to him.
Could God be lying, and if yes, for what purpose? No, God the Creator that l know will never lie. Why then is Bafu Kobi making Him appear a liar?
Bafu Kobi prophesied that Brazil would win  the COPA cup when playing Argentina. This prophecy came a few hours to the start of the game. However, Argentina won the game.
Again, he prophesied that England would win the UEFA trophy cup game against Italy. Notwithstanding, Italy won the game.
Who indeed is Badu Kobi? Is he not a similitude of the ancient biblical baal prophets who would say one thing while something differently happens?
Badu Kobi, whether prophesying or predicting, they all fail.
Why are some Ghanaians still trusting and following him?
Honestly, only fools will continue to trust and believe in Badu Kobi, a confusionist, opportunist, liar, crook and a fake man of God but probably a true devil incarnate.
If it were in Rwanda, he would have been banned from preaching the word of God or thrown behind bars.
It is only in a confused state as Ghana that criminals like Badu Kobi and Nigel Gaisie are given unfettered freedom to dupe the people and go Scot free.
Are Badu Kobi’s church members serious at all? Do they trust this  crook to take them to heaven or make their earthly life any better?
For lack of knowledge, many Ghanaians perish. In the name of freedom of worship, association and speech, some Ghanaians fall victims to their ignorance and charlatans.
Rockson Adofo
Monday, 12 July 2021