John Mahama Set Up Komenda Sugar Factory For Votes And Not Economic Reasons

John Mahama Set Up Komenda Sugar Factory For Votes And Not Economic Reasons

Mahama is on his tour fibbing about how he turned Ghana into an industrial hub under his regime with the Komenda Sugar factory coming on stream.

In his desperate desire to parry the huge albatross that failed edifice has yanked around his neck, John Mahama says he did not only build a factory but he also ensured that there were enough raw materials to feed the factory.

If we were blind to John Mahama’s lying tongue, we would probably have swallowed this comment hook, line and sinker, but knowing him the way we do, we cannot just sweep this under the carpet by giving him credit.

It is not as though the Komenda Sugar factory came into being a week before Mahama lost power. It was commissioned, tried and tested, and shut down for some strange ‘routine’ maintenance months before the 2016 elections.

If there were adequate measures rolled out to supply raw materials or sugar cane to the factory, why did they send the factory into hibernation as soon as the test run was done?

That move was a ploy to buy time till the elections were held with Mahama winning but as it turned out, John Dramani Mahama lost miserably, making nonsense of that plot to deceive Ghanaians to vote for them.

The factory would have lied idle if John Mahama had won the 2016 elections because the unvarnished truth was that there was no strategic plan to fertilize the factory with sugarcane.

John Mahama, in effect, did not take into consideration the need to have sugarcanes cultivated before the factory was built and he made no futuristic plans to do same.

The Komenda Sugar Factory was doomed to failure. The decision to erect the factory was borne out of a political desire to maximize votes in the region but not any economic reasons. It did not make economic sense to establish the factory in that enclave in the first place.

IMANI Africa did an extensive research into the viability of the factory in the place and came out with an outcome that made so much economic sense, findings which were blatantly rejected by the then governing NDC.

The research which had been corroborated by other findings from other renowned entities proposed that the factory should be moved to a location where the lands would support sugarcane, an advice which was ignored like a plague.

The Komenda Sugar factory was set out to be a white elephant project by Mahama and his appointees. No investor is willing to take up the factory because of its liability. Komenda was purely a classic case of politics drowning economic reasons and common sense.

Mahama’s promise to revive it if he is given the mantle of leadership in 2024 flies in the face of logical reasoning. If it was viable, he wouldn’t have seen to its downhill spiral when he erected it. This seemingly irredeemable factory should be blamed on John Mahama.

P.K. Sarpong, Whispers from the Corridors of the Thinking Place.