Ken Attafuah’s statement is Discriminatory, must be Condemned

Ken Attafuah’s statement is Discriminatory, must be Condemned

Prof Attafuah’s comments about NIA Recruitment Must Be Vehemently Condemned.

Prof. Attafuah, NIA boss, was appointed under former President JA Kuffour but was immediately ousted when NDC, led by Prof Evans Atta Mills won power and took over the reigns of government in 2009.

Why was he disappointed under the NDC? Is it not because he was a member of the NPP and also appointed by an NPP goverment?

The party saw the good in him and made him who he is today by reappointing him after the entire party machinery worked tirelessly to win power in 2016.

Now he has the audacity to use his position to demoralize the very party machinery which made sure he occupied his position as NIA boss.

He can’t rope the government in his hollow believe that a Ghanaian who qualifies to work cannot be employed by the NIA because he is an NPP executive? WHAT A POSITION BY KEN ATTAFUAH!

Those floating voters who had no hope in this government are ever ready to vote for NPP come 2024 because of the policies and programs of the government.

Why make the owners regret ever dying for Nana Addo? As a human rights advocate, Ken Attafuah should be preaching equally opportunities for all Ghanaians regardless of political affiliation than reject NPP people because they killed Jesus Christ.

Nurses who stayed home from 2011 have been recruited by this government. Teachers whose transfer grants were not considered under Mahama, now receive them today. Parents who could not afford SHS for their kids, now snore at night. Techers and nurses trainees are living on allowances restored by this government. The Zongo development fund is a Virgin initiative under Nana Bawumia’s government. The fountain of interminable all year round irrigation dams have been made available by Nana Bawumia. Even prospective graduates now enjoy guarantor free students loans. NHIS is working and Coastal Development Authority is effectively implemented.What stops the ordinary party people from enjoying too by being employed?

Why kill the spirits of the party’s grassroots? Ken Attafuah ?

I weep!

This same man caused disaffection for the party before 2020 general elections. He was and is part of NPP’s woes today.

Why are you there as NIA boss? Is it because you’re from Wuhan? Or Because you are called by your names or because NPP did not have anyone fit for same purpose?

If Prof Attafua says working as a card issuer is a more political appointment than being the overall boss at NIA, then he should resign and go back to where he came from. Real patriots have patriotic hearts

Attafuah must advice himself

Source: Jef Nanappong