Kevin Taylor is oinking and squelching like a pig as the American justice system tightens upon his neck

Kevin Taylor, a Ghanaian native found himself in the United States of America will soon be oinking and squelching like a pig being driven to the slaughter house once the American justice system starts to tighten upon his neck like a noose. This young man who never dreamt of ever setting foot on the land overflowing with job opportunities and all amenities that make life easier and worth living, has now mysteriously found himself in America.

The way he boldly talks with disrespect, lying between his teeth, denotes his false sense of air of superiority surrounding him. Could his marriage to an American white lady not have augmented the falsity of his belief of being one inch taller than any other Ghanaian in every aspect of life?

Instead of availing himself of the golden opportunities offered in the USA to acquire useful knowledge to be of service to his newfound country, thus America, and his motherland, Ghana, and humanity, he has rather chosen to be a political puppet, a lazy braggart but in search of quick buck. He has decided to acquire cheap money without wiping off any sweat from his forehead by doing dirty politicking for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and its life-flagbearer-cum-presidential-candidate, former President John Dramani Mahama.

He has vehemently, but childishly been attacking and fabricating lies about the political rivals of his alleged paymasters who are the NDC and John Dramani Mahama. Without any credible proofs, but as devoid of wisdom and intelligence, this yob by name Kevin Ekow Baidoo Taylor, has fervently, vociferously and energetically been accusing Kennedy Agyapong (Hon), the Assin Central Member of Parliament, of the murders of both the late Member of Parliament, Joseph Boakye Danquah and investigative journalist Ahmed Suale of the now near-defunct Tiger Eye company.

You cannot accuse anyone of serious crimes like murder, rape, armed robbery, treason and arson without having credible evidence and hope to walkout free if you did. There are consequences for every action that we take. Therefore, we should be ready to face such consequences on the day of reckoning.

Kevin Taylor for all malicious reasons geared toward enhancing the chances of the NDC and John Dramani Mahama coming back to power, has falsely been accusing and denigrating the integrity of some NPP members in Ghana. He has constantly in fulfilment of the probable terms of his contract with the NDC, been accusing Kennedy Agyapong (Hon) of the murders of both J. B. Danquah and Ahmed Suale.

Now that Kennedy has decided without turning back to sue him in the American courts for he, Kevin Taylor, to prove his purposeful reputation-tarnishing allegations against his person, he has started recoiling into his lair, coming out with “press releases” instead of his usual brazen video-lambasting clips. By his current tactics, he indirectly seeks to retract, or backtrack on, some of his already made public accusations of murder against Kennedy. He is now licking back his own sputum as does a dog to its vomit.

Yes, he may have the right to insult anyone of his choosing as much as he likes, as pompous, irresponsible and rude as he is. Nevertheless, to level felonious (murder, burglary, etc.) allegations against someone without credible evidence to prove the occurrence of the crime as allegedly committed by the accused is a prosecutable offence.

He is obviously not only insulting people for his parochial interests but also, making allegations of committal of serious crimes against them. No wonder that Kennedy Agyapong (Hon) has had enough of the roguish attitude by him hence deciding to cause his arraignment in the USA courts to establish the falsity of the allegations levelled against his person by Kevin.

As the seriousness of Kennedy’s determination to have him prove his accusations against him in the US courts is manifesting scarily before his own eyes, he has started changing his tone, going into pseudo-hiding, coming out with “press releases” instead of his usual audacious accusatory video recorded clips. He is now feeling the heat, as ignorant macho man as he is!

My late father used to warn any of his children he came across fooling about by saying, “when a wild boar is about to encounter danger, it starts itching in its nostrils”, to wit, when one is about to face the danger of their life, they start fooling about. (“Se adi ebeye kokote a, na ne hwene mu rekeka no”). To expatiate on the proverb to bring it down to the understanding of many a person, just note that it is by the wild boar blowing its nose loudly to ease the itching that attracts a hunter or its predator to its location to hunt him down.

The stupid unsubstantiated utterances by Kevin Taylor, accusing people of murder and other crimes, are what will culminate in his downfall same as the itching nostrils of the wild boar often end in their demise.

I would personally not accuse the Asante overlord of corruption and other crimes if I had not the authentic evidential documents to prove my case against him. If I could not prove his criminal involvements in the Kumawu chieftaincy dispute, I would never dare mention him but if I did, it meant that I have the proofs right before me and under my belt.

If I had accused former President John Dramani Mahama of corruption, it means I have documents to support my accusations against him. I have printed and bound into a book, the judgment by the United Kingdom court on the Airbus saga involving some countries in which John Dramani Mahama was without mentioning his name alluded as the Ghana government elected official one. What about the Brazilian Embraer plane saga? What about the sole-sourcing of the construction of the Accra Circle interchange at about US$260 million and other instances of corrupt practices by his appointees under his watch?

Kevin Taylor’s cup is now overflowing and it is about time he was shown his smoothness level. He had been oinking and squelching for far too long and it is his noises that have attracted somebody to come out to deal with him same as the itchy nostrils of the wild boar attract a hunter or a predator to him.

The opportunities I see in Kevin Taylor’s false murderous accusations against Kennedy and his subsequent arraignment in US courts to prove his case are that:

1.     His friends and the US courts will finally see how a big liar and shallow-minded he is, although he has a big mouth

2.      The world will see that you cannot accuse anyone of serious crimes without evidence and hope to go scot free

3.     It will have a ripple effect on Ghana law enforcement agents and the judiciary to force them to speed up the investigations into the deaths of J. B. Danquah and Ahmed Suale

4.     It will compel the courts in Ghana to sit up to seriously trial Sexy Dondon, the now only known murderer of J. B. Danquah

5.     It will serve as a big warning to those who sit in the comfort zones of their rooms and behind their computers or cameras to churn out falsehoods against others

6.     It will indicate to people that when you commit a crime, you can only run but cannot hide. Accusing someone of serious crimes without any proof is in itself a committal of crime

 I hope Kevin Taylor after this incident will come out a better person, reformed and ceased talking trash about others.

“Don’t do the crime, if you can’t do the time”, a word of advice to Kevin Taylor and his ilk.

Rockson Adofo