Know why John Dramani Mahama lacks credibility to rule Ghana again

Fellow discerning Ghanaians, please do yourselves a big favour by answering the following question for me in all honesty without any hesitation and bias.

Do you want a person of integrity, or a liar overflowing with incompetence, cluelessness, corruption, unintelligence and have no respect for the governed, to rule Ghana?

Having chosen between the two categories of personalities, I will like to inform the Ghanaian public that our former president, His Excellency John Dramani Mahama, now a seemingly prodigal son, is a liar by every stretch of the human mind. He lacks intelligence, even when  he is lying between his teeth.

I don’t mean to insult him but to tell the world exactly who he is. The truth hurts but in the end, it brings comfort.

I am certain his diehard supporters will feel offended by this publication but I am calling a spade a spade but not a big spoon.

Former President John Mahama shamelessly unintelligently but boldly tells his campaign audience that he wouldn’t mind telling them lies if by so doing their minds and hearts will turn towards him to facilitate his chances of winning their votes to win an election.

Are those told in their face that he is lying to them, but continue to believe his lies to give their votes to him not more unintelligent than him? If he were intelligent, and does not underestimate Ghanaians, taking them for fools, he would not dare insult them to their face.

Former President John Mahama is a man without integrity. He is a liar and an opportunist. In one breath, he accuses President Nana Akufo-Addo and his NPP government of stealing from the Ghanaian public through extensive taxation. He claims he does not see what the NPP government uses the taxes it collects from the taxpayers for since there are no any visible projects to show in justification of the taxes so collected.

In another breath, he says it is only justified for a government to collect taxes without which the country will collapse to the ground.

Why does he have a split tongue like that of a serpent? When it suits him, or when he is doing something that he feels will help the nation and the people therein, it is right with him. However, if his political opponent is doing same, he runs to his clueless political audience to cry to them in condemnation of what his political opponent is doing, although knowing too well that what his opponent is doing is in the best interest of the nation.

Former President Mahama is overly corrupt hence will be a total disaster to the nation and the people should he be given any further chance to come back to rule Ghana. Why is he corrupt, one may ask?

Had he not sought to lease or cede 75% (3/4) of the Nyinahin bauxite deposit to his younger sibling about a week before handing over the reins of government to the incoming president-elect, Nana Akufo-Addo? The Ghana constitution requires the approval of parliament for  leasing such a huge mineral deposit for mining to any company or person. However, John Mahama in a hurry to enrich his brother and family, seeing that time was running against him, bypassed that constitutional requirement, and only to live to witness his criminal attempt gone up in flames. His brother could not avail himself of the mineral deposit.

As insatiably or insanely greedy as John Mahama is, after holding all the political stepladder positions from the bottom to the very top, he still wants to come back. Coming back for what again, a curious mind may ask?

Who could be an elected government official one in a nation? Is it not the president? If yes, then who could be that Ghana government elected government official one in the Airbus scandal? Whoever the person was, he is corrupt and unworthy to lead a nation.

Former President John Mahama is incompetent, clueless and again, a liar. I was on holiday in Ghana in the one-and-a-half months leading to election 2021. I could witness the numerous and non-stop advertisements on radio and television that the John Mahama NDC-led party and government mounted against the NPP-proposed free Senior High School (SHS) education. They rubbished constantly it. They said it was not feasible, let alone, being practically successfully implemented.

Nonetheless, once it has been implemented, John Mahama and his bunch of NDC propagandists are claiming the free SHS was their brainchild and that they started it. What nonsense! What do they take Ghanaians for? Do they think we are as physically and mentally blind as most of the NDC faithful are?

There are a thousand and one proofs to show to Ghanaians how NDC, especially John Mahama, should not be trusted on anything they say or promise. They are all a bunch of liars who take Ghanaians for fools, knowing most of us have a short memory hence cannot remember the pains they inflicted on us a few years ago.

Watch the video below to see how Sammy Gyamfi, that young man who lies and insults his rival politicians in the same strength and rate as he breathes, making a fool of himself by his denial and acceptance of Martin Amidu as credible.

Sammy Gyamfi earlier thoughts on Martin Amidu and now. #ghananews


Are such people worthy of your trust and vote?

Listen to all that the “born again”, Allotey Jacobs, Koku Anyidoho and Stephen Atubiga, are saying about NDC and John Mahama.

John Mahama and NDC are pure liars feeding on lies, breathing lies and sleeping with lies. They are not credible to be entrusted with the governance of Ghana, I must be frank with Ghanaians.

NDC had better replace him or else, I shall join those who may mount campaign against his second coming.

Rockson Adofo