Let’s Commend Raphael Sarfo Patrick For Putting Sense Into The Mind Of Nhyira FM’s Nana Jantuah

Let’s Commend Raphael Sarfo Patrick For Putting Sense Into The Mind Of Nhyira FM’s Nana Jantuah

Nana Jantuah, a half-baked host of a show on Nhyira FM, has had his ego bruised when Raphael Sarfo Patrick, a regional youth organizer hopeful, in a no holds barred fashion, took him on over his constant attacks on the government.

This less-than-average journalist has made it his hobby to not hauling vitriol on the governing NPP but also attacks personalities at the least provocation.

As for President Akufo-Addo, it’d appear this struggling media person gave birth to him. He insults him at will, fabricates stories against him and makes him look like a monster in the eyes of his listeners.

Raph called him out, censored him and asked his parents to put sense into his mind and this has got the guy livid. Now Nana Jantuah has turned into a poet, a Shakespeare kind of person, writing dirges on Facebook as though his whole world has been brought down.

Inasmuch as every Ghanaian has an inalienable right to express his or her views, others have equal rights to critique their opinions.

I have had occasions to listen to some of the things that uncivilized show host spews on his show and I asked myself if Multimedia has standards for those they employ to host programs.

Such an uncouth, irresponsible and empty-headed journalist should be held in check by our party’s communicators who appear on Nhyira FM. They should not allow him to verbally abuse our President or members of the administration for no apparent reasons.

Raphael Sarfo Patrick, you did very well putting that noisemaker and acerbic-tongued Nana Jantuah in his proper place. Do not relent in calling him out as a useless show host who has nothing in his head. Such an unintelligent person should not be allowed to run down this administration.

Raph has justified that indeed if given the mantle of leadership to lead the youth of our party in the Ashanti Region, he can easily lead them.