Loose-Talk Pastor In Trouble… Church Reviews Its Association

The Evangelical Methodist Church International has dissociated itself from comments made by its Head Pastor for the Asylum Down branch in Accra at the #FixTheCountry protest march, insisting that his loose talk does not represent its position.
The church also indicated that going forward, it is reviewing its association with the beleaguered pastor.

Apostle Daniel Adjei told journalists during the #FixTheCountry demonstration last Wednesday that he joined the protest march because members of his church were no longer able to pay tithes and offerings because they are broke.

But the Church in a statement signed by its Administrator, Samuel Ampadu, is calling all and sundry “to disregard those loose utterances” since they do not represent the position of the Evangelical Methodist (Mission) Church.

The church said it does not resort to public demonstration to demand something but rather advocates “change of mind” through education.

“The Evangelical Methodist Mission wishes to make this public announcement and to all concerned regarding the public utterances of Apostle Adjei during the recent “#FixTheCountry” demonstration on 4th August, 2021,” the statement urged.

It continued that “his public utterances do not represent the position of Evangelical Methodist (Mission) Church.”

The statement noted that Apostle Adjei’s association with the church had been put under review, pointing out that “the Evangelical Methodist Mission is a Christian foundation for the promulgation of the gospel we advocate for change of mind through education not public demonstration.”

“We have built schools (Obo Methodist JSS); we secured the Tail Experimental School property,” the statement indicated and added that the church does not rely on tithes and offerings for its finances.


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By Ernest Kofi Adu