Mahama Is A Danger To Ghana’s Democracy And Development

Mahama Is A Danger To Ghana’s Democracy And Development

Mahama’s bloodthirsty yells have reached the high heavens as he goes about threatening to cause mayhem in the 2024 elections if fortune doesn’t smile at him.

His level of desperation shocks God himself, even his own party members cannot believe their ears listening to what John Mahama said.

On Akina FM in Techiman, Mr. Mahama, in an interview, warned that the 2024 elections will be a Do-or-die affair, and that he is readying himself with his party to capture power through whatever means possible.

In his mind, nothing is good enough for him but victory in 2024. The party, he insisted, would not rest on its laurels as they are bent on winning the elections.

For sometime, some of us thought Mahama was only desperate to come back to power for reasons not so far away from the obvious, but his latest tantrums and threats make it evidently clear that Mahama is not ruling out even shedding blood if that will win him power.

His insatiable desire to continue to plunder the resources of this country with his brothers acting as the conduits for same is the driving force behind his latest outbursts.

His ‘2024 elections will be a do-or-die’ comment is something nobody expected to hear from a former Vice President and President.

It is as though death were knocking at his door and that the only antidotal solution to escape same is for him to recapture political power. This level of desperation is madness personified!

P.K. Sarpong, Whispers from the Corridors of the Thinking Place.