Political campaigns provide the conduit for developing and refining a wide range of skills in a fast-paced but flexible environment.

This undertaking offer a unique perspective on electoral processes, conduct of elected officials and promoting party activism.

Developing a plan and implementing it is also a virtue, and as Albert Eisntein once posited: “The only source of knowledge is experience”. Einstein’s point of view fits into how Stephen Ayesu Ntim once upon a time catalogued pointers to how to care and appreciate the concerns of party activists. He said when voted as the National Chairman of our great party going into the 2018 National Delegates Conference and Elections, he will do a very good job for our party. That promise is still fresh in our minds, a reminder that much more could be achieved under his leadership.

Stephen Ayesu Ntim’s experience as the former National first vice chairman showed in diverse way, contributing immensely to how our great party crafted friendly campaign messages. These messages reinforced cohesiveness in maintaining our political communication and culture.

One of the party friendly campaign messages introduced by Stephen Ayesu Ntim in 2018 pointed to the fact that our party should give “Maximum Attention to Research and Communication”. This was prioritized not only for TV and Radio talk programmes, but these were also patronized by our party’s serial callers and texters.

Experience teaches us that the work of a party is made easy when its communicators are well trained and resourced to perform credibly and efficiently, but that was to become a mirage as much was not in that important area of our operations, and laxity set in.

It would be recalled that on the 8th of September, 2018, a major newspaper published a headline- “Neglected NPP serial callers burn phones”. This became such a public ridicule to our party, something that could have been avoided if our communicators were well catered for.

As we prepare to go to a Conference to elect new party officers in 2022, it is important that delegates look for experienced candidates who can propel our party through effective policies that will yield positive outcomes.

The constituency chairmen’s welfare scheme which was recently promulgated in Koforidua was the brainchild of Stephen Ayesu Ntim. Bullet fourteen (14) of Ntim’s 2018 campaign message was “Ntim’s Welfare Package for NPP” but once that could not see the light of day.

If Ntim had been voted for as the National Chairman in the past, some of his intended policies would have seen fruition by now, but all is not lost as we initiate another process with high hopes.

Our party will have an opportunity once again to choose in 2022, and my appeal is that “let the facts” that will be presented to you guide you to choose experienced and real men and women of honour to steer the affairs of our party to victory. Stephen Ayesu Ntim’s name, therefore, comes to mind as a very good choice.

His desire for leadership is facilitated by the love of a party and its members, their welfare, and how structures could be
streamlined for the benefit of our people.

Ntim’s selflessness is glaring as many attest to this great attribute that contributes to great leadership and cares for those who genuinely serve our “Elephant family”.

We count on the good people of our great party to be part of the history that is about to be made, its significance embedded in how Ntim has accepted the larger interest of our party and served it truthfully.

Victory awaits Stephen Ntim, and we have to work hard to ensure that.

Indeed there is a Job to be done to Break the Ei8ht Not Just a Position to be occupied that is why I Choose Ntim for the National Chairmanship Position.

Abeiku Cobinnah
Director of Communications
Mpohor Constituency