NABCO was a scheme to employ people Mahama administration couldn’t give jobs — Awal Mohammed

A communication team member of ruling New Patriotic Party, Awal Mohammed has said the National Builders Corps (NABCO) was deliberately created to give the desperate youth of Ghana some jobs to do while plans were being put in place to get permanent employment for them after a period of time.

He said the trend of unemployment at the time of the Mahama administration was growing high that they were bereft of ideas to help the youth.

According to him, the NPP government, through NABCO absorbed people who had been unemployed for a period of about five years.

Awal noted that the beneficiaries would have gained three years of experience after the expiration of their contract and would therefore be eligible to be employed by any organization permanently.

He added that there was an exit plan for the beneficiaries to obtain permanent jobs in other establishments.

Speaking to Johnny Hughes host of TV3’s New Day, the communicator reiterated that three exit schemes had been made available for the beneficiaries; entrepreneurship, further leaning and permanency.

“The trainees were asked to choose from these three options, they did so we are in the process of exiting them on the exit schemes they chose. Currently we have about 60,000 on the scheme, about 38,000 have been exited into permanent jobs,” he stated whiles reading from a message sent to him by one Tahiru whom he said is the Public Relations Officer of NABCO.


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