It is with esteemed pleasure that I extend my congratulations to all the newly nominated Metropolitan, Municipal and District Chief Executives selected by President Akufo-Addo to serve in his second term.
It is indeed a remarkable and great feat to catch the eye of the first gentleman of the land for such an opportunity to serve in his government, and also to serve this country.

This is a fair indication of how your efforts and contributions in your respective metropolis, municipals, districts and even constituencies across the country as true and committed members of the party helped in no small way in ensuring that the New Patriotic Party secured another term in 2020.

I will however point out that, in spite of the re-election of our beloved party in the 2020 elections, we were not all that convinced, content and satisfied with our performance in the elections. A myriad of reasons could account for that, but, the conspicuous one that comes to mind is our inability to secure an overwhelming majority in Parliament in spite of the government’s unprecedented achievements in the first term.

I am therefore appealing to you the newly nominated MMDCEs to collaborate with your respective MPs, and work assiduously to ensure that all our past mistakes and wrongs at the various constituencies are corrected in order for us to also achieve a successful “FrefreDom” and mobilisation drive as we seek to “break the 8” easily going into 2024.

Congratulations to you all once again, and I strongly believe that you will make all of us proud. And to all those candidates who missed out, I wish you all the best of luck next time. You equally deserved to serve your people in that capacity, but the appointing authority couldn’t have nominated all applicants. To even be shortlisted and considered worthy for nomination is a great feat, and also an acknowledgement of your efforts and contributions to the interest of the party, which is equally worthy of celebration. Kudos to you all. I’m proud of you.

Nana Poku Frefre
(FrefreDom Movement)