Our media landscape has become a mixture of ignorance and propagandistic mischief, a mass of contradictions and confusion arising out of the refusal of the players in the space to read wider when issues of national interests crop up.

The Sputnik vaccine procured for $19 per dose has generated bouts of controversies as opponents of this administration allege that the price per vaccine has been inflated.

Their contention is that Sputnik sells the vaccine at $10, so under no circumstances should Ghana procure some at $19. On the face of this figure, one is tempted to believe that indeed some underhanded deals have taken place, and that some appointees are milking the nation dry with this purchase of the Sputnik vaccines.

Having plunged myself into the intricate issues of this matter, I have come to the conclusion that the murky waters which appear to surround this matter are deliberate but false stories being told by opponents of this government to paint President Akufo-Addo black in the eyes of the people.

First of all, it is a fallacy that Government could have engaged the Russian Government on the matter so as to be able to buy directly from the manufacturer. That window was shut long ago. No nation is allowed to deal directly with the Russian Government over these vaccines. You get them through middlemen, it is that simple!

Moreover, about six or seven middlemen or companies were given letters of authorization by Ghana to supply us with the vaccines. Some quoted $12, $14, $15 and $16. One quoted $19 to supply 300,000 vaccines from Sputnik.

Less than 20,000 vaccines have been supplied by even the $19 quoted middlemen instead of the agreed 300,000. This tells us how scarce the vaccines are on the market.

It is instructive to point out that none of those who quoted $12, $14, $15 and $16 has been able to supply even a single vaccine. This is a clear manifestation of the fact that the vaccines are in short supply as the forces of demand and supply have led to their scarcities on the market.

The simple truth is that, no one can get the vaccine at $10 on the market, and this excludes shipment and storage. We can get them from middlemen who themselves are struggling to get the vaccines in large quantities.

My appeal is that, if anyone out there knows of any place or market or country where these vaccines can be secured at a price point lower than $19, let the person approach the Health Ministry for a letter of authorization to procure them. Anything less than this would be treated as a cacophonous noise being made by people for tendentious reasons.

P.K. Sarpong, Whispers from the Corridors of the Thinking Place.