“Nobody is intelligent in this country more than northerners but they failed us; we’re the devils of our own” — Stephen Atubiga

The founder of the National Liberation Congress (NLC) Stephen Atubiga has said no tribe is intelligent and had played a strategic role in Ghana more than northerners.

He however lamented that most of them failed in their roles as appointees in public office.

Even though he was proud of such a great milestone for his northern people, he expresses regret that those who got the opportunity to represent them in government failed woefully.

Mr. Atubiga said during an exclusive interview with this reporter Ngamegbulam Chidozie Stephen on Friday.

“Nobody is intelligent in this country more than northerners, nobody had played a strategic role or enjoy position than northerners whether is a Muslim or whatsoever is always reserved for us in the issue of all political party in this country. But what have we done with it?

“Dr. Limann failed us, all the President, they all failed to bring development to the whole northern regions when they got the opportunity. When Hilla Limann got the golden key to rule and to show that northerners we are capable of leading the country, how can they do a coup, overthrow you and come back and overthrow you again? What kind of useless leader can you be?

“Then, when John Dramani Mahama got the opportunity, people that he entrusted to SADA to what have you to make sure the gap was closed, what do they do? We became the devil on our own. If JDM had brought a Southerner or someone to hold those SADA, GYEEDA and what have you, the north could have gone far,” he stated.