Out of ignorance and stupidity, some Ghanaians still believe that John Dramani Mahama won election 2020

No wonder that black Africans, especially Ghanaians, have no respect and recognition in the eyes of our white contemporaries. They simply see us as numbers to the world human population but not as any serious human beings endowed with intelligence and wisdom.

The behaviour by some Ghanaians are very shameful and make one doubt if it is actually human beings that are acting that way. It is by our collective behaviour or attitude that has cost us respect in the eyes of the white man but not our dark skin colour.

How can any serious Ghanaian worth his endowment of iota of wisdom and intelligence still believe and propagate same that former President John Dramani Mahama-cum-presidential-candidate, won the 2020 presidential election? Unless those people were, and are, still living in the remotest jungle parts of Ghana where radios and televisions are out of reach, they can never be exonerated from blame for still saying without mincing words that John Dramani Mahama won election 2020.

Do those Ghanaians still claiming without shame that NDC presidential-candidate John Dramani Mahama won the 2020 presidential election, had the opportunity to watch the Supreme Court proceedings on the election broadcast live on television? Did they hear what the NDC General Secretary Johnson Asiedu Nketiah aka General Mosquito, said about the election results?

He, as the principal witness for John Dramani Mahama, said during his cross-examinations that they had not come to court to challenge the election results as declared by the Electoral Commission but to challenge the integrity of the Chair of the Electoral Commission, Mrs Jean Adukwei Mensah. Nonetheless, they had filed the petition upon the understanding of seeking a rerun of the election since in their beliefs, none of the presidential candidates got 50%+1 of the eligible votes cast.

Asiedu Nketiah and his other two colleague witnesses could not submit to court a single pink sheet as evidence to prove their case that John Mahama had won the election, or none of the two candidates won the election.

Had John Mahama who instigated some shallow-minded Ghanaians, of course NDC foot soldiers and educated-illiterates in some Civil Society Organizations to embark on a nationwide demonstrations not said that he had won the election but had been robbed of his victory? Why was he telling a different story when he went to the Supreme Court?

In order not to waste anyone’s precious time, I will go no further than to inform those Ghanaians still buying into, or falling for, the nonsense that John Mahama won election 2020 but was denied victory to revisit the Supreme Court live proceedings and their declaration of verdict.

Ask yourselves, oh poor souls devoid of little wisdom, can you go to do farm work without carrying your machete (cutlass) with you or any farming implement? If the answer is a No, then so is it that you cannot go to court claiming to have won an election without presenting even a toilet roll as evidence but rather bare-handed.

It is such ignorant shallow-minded Ghanaians consumed with tribalism, regionalism, stupidity and corruption that will still believe that John Mahama won the election but it was rigged for Nana Akufo-Addo.

It is same lowlifes that are encouraging dishonest politicians like John Mahama and others to continue to embezzle state funds and assets, thereby impoverishing the nation to bring disgrace upon all Ghanaians in particular, and Africans in general.

Anyone who still believes that John Mahama won election 2020, after all the divulgement in court could be said to be a big fool. Such are the minds that have made some white people to believe that black Africans are not worthy to be called human beings but some kind of animals.

Why can’t we for once cease our political partisanship and polarization to reason as human beings with a common destiny of seeking our collective welfare?

John Mahama lost election 2020 and will again lose election 2024 to Dr Kwabena Duffour, Dr Bawumia or Alan Kwadwo Kyeremateng aka Alan Cash.

Rockson Adofo