Pessimists And Pessimism Cannot Fix Ghana. By Reindolf Amankwa

Pessimists And Pessimism Cannot Fix Ghana.

By Reindolf Amankwa

When the campaign to fix the country first started, we could not have imagined that it was a rather more comic theatrical agenda championed by some self-seeking personalities with a ghostly hand officiating their drama.

Adding to the discourse of their calls, many commentators, drawing from varied backgrounds, both old and young, have made immense contributions. Some, just like the lead campaigners themselves, have added nothing positive except for their usual misguided shouts on the streets.

The questions are: What exactly do the campaigners call for? What recommendations have they made so far? What strategies have they recommended to government in calling for the country to be fixed? Etc.

I maintain my position that indeed this country requires fixing. I also maintain my position that the fixing of this country is not or should not be seen as a sole burden of government. It is a three fold conversation; the State has a role to play, the Government has a role and the Citizenry have their roles as well. Citizenship, just as governance comes with responsibilities, the campaigners must not forget.

Pathetically, the very Citizenry calling for the country to be fixed are those saying government’s agenda 111 hospital projects should not be taken seriously. Those same people are saying that because the Free SHS, 1V1D, PFJ, and other flagship programs have been faced with some challenges, they should be scrapped. The wisdom that every great vision comes with itself obstacles eludes them.

I argue that, it takes only a devil’s advocate to be against Free SHS regardless of its challenges. Such naysayers and pessimists do not qualify to campaign for this country to be fixed.

Let me conclude by highlighting that the Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo government is fixing the country. We are not saying he has “fixed” the country but we boldly argue in favor of his leadership that indeed, President Akufo-Addo is fixing this country. Progressively, we shall, with the help of the almighty God get this country fixed. Optimism, not Pessimism fixes nations.

Reindolf Amankwa
Member, CTI-Middle