Plane Hired For Ghana President Working Tour.

Plane Hired For Ghana President Working Tour.

I personally don’t know why we seems to buy into issues without proper analysis and proper assessment of the rational behind the decision, and for that we get ourselves so wet up on some people’s whimsical propaganda and lies.

First of all, what led to the President of Ghana, Nana Akufo-Addo and his entourage to hire the plane?
Was announced the President, Nana Akufo-Addo was undertaking a 9-day foreign tour that would see him visit France, Belgium and South Africa.
This was part of the efforts the President was making to re-engage with the rest of the world, following disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic just as President Biden of,US decided to embark on tour Europe countries. Very important move.

Per the information available, some of these travels between the points from Ghana, takes over 15hrs to get to the destination whiles our Presidential jet can travel continously for barely 8hrs.

Therefore, looking at the engine capacity of Ghana’s presidential plane, the size of the plane cabin against the number of people billed to travel with the President from Ministry of Trade, Finance, Business Development, Ghana Investment Promotion, et al, for that important working tour, and also considering the fact that the plane would have stop, at least, one’s or twice to refill the tank before it reaches the destination, and most importantly, weighing the entourage against the Covid-19 health and safety protocols, the inconveniences with the President on-board as well, to stop and refill his plane at every 7hrs journey for 9-day foreign tour? Absolutely unreasonable!

Now, assuming all these were to travel individually, using first class or business class on some commercial plane which some could cost $3,500-$5,000 per person, multiplying cost by the number of people, would have perhaps gone pass the total cost used for hiring the plane. Besides, the time that could been wasted on travels on commercial planes to meet for the govt business meetings by far reduced through the use of a  hired private plane to do all the rounds.

It becomes even more cheaper and more convenient notwithstanding the security of the President too.

Now, let me use this simple analogy. Assuming just 25 people are to travel from my Home town, Kyekyere in Ashanti region to Accra, to Cape coast, to Tamale and back to Kyekyere, and you ask the individuals to go by public commercial transport to meet at these three planned destinations, thus Accra, Cape Coast and Tamale. Starting from Ky, change into STC or VIP or any available bus at Kumasi to Accra, after that continue to Cape Coast, and to Tamale and return to Kyekyere.

Can you imagine the inconveniences this will cause as compared to hiring a one bus from Kyekyere, to carry all around and back to Kyekyere? Isn’t this more economically sensible, to avoid the inconveniences, ensure security and be able to meet on time for whichever business assignment? Would the president had been able to reach at these destinations on time as planned to execute all the business meetings as planed?

I really don’t get this hullabaloo and the noise being made. In my view, it was a sensible to do, economically logical and it ensured the safety of our President and his entourage.

Yes, Hon. Nitwul is advocating for a bigger presidential plane fir Ghana, not for Nana Akufo-Addo, that can, in future help the President of Ghana to embark on similar tours without needing to hire a plane, that he can, at least, take a shower in the plane if he has to travel for 15hrs nonstop.

Why must we always sound as if we are so archaic and extremely poor to the extent that a request for normal presidential plane to contain bath or shower for long hours travels should cause this drama? Is Ghana not part of the world?

I know that some other Presidents even travel across the world with their own limousines, motorcade, and what have you, to anywhere they go.
At last, I know that the presidential car for US President, which is maintained by the United States Secret Service, is transported in the hold of Air Force One to wherever he goes.

The presidential motorcade even travels with the president abroad. Asking for shower in Ghana Presidential plane should lead this pantomime? Chaii.

Look, all the vehicles President of US and his entourage would use on foreign trip even to UK, France and Germany..are all loaded onto a C-17 Globemaster transport aircraft, a gynormous transport plane with room for the entire motorcade, thus speaking of the presidential limo, the new Beast which is considered as the safest car across the world travel with their President. That is how some people elsewhere value the security and convenience of their President.

What about Ghana, yes, we cannot do same though but at least, can’t we request for a mere shower facility in Ghana Presidential plane? Ebeiii!
Do we remember what led to President Mills to set up the 3 member committee to investigate President John Mahama?

Mills tasked the committee to investigate the Processes John Mahama used for acquisition of Five Aircrafts (5) including Embraer 190 Aircraft and the hanger for the Ghana Armed Forces, which John Mahama himself travelled to Brazil and ballooned the cost of each plane from $45m to $55m instead. That, a simple hanger which should cost $5m, ended up costing $17m each per John Mahama negotiation.

According to NDC former Attorney General, the then Vice President l, John Mahama opted for a modifications, configurations, and some additions to the Embraer 190, which included an extra fuel tank at a cost of $8m; air staircase costing $1m and in-flight entertainment of $1.4m, bringing the total price to $88 million for plane. That is John Mahama for you, and obviously the NDC members were so OK with that.

I believe that, as we go forward as a country, there are somethings that become very necessary, to position ourselves competitively in this dynamic global world.