Police must arrest the gun-toting suspected armed robbers in video gone viral

The four or so young men who posted a video of themselves gone viral, immediately following the attack on a bullion van in Accra where the escort police officer and two passers-by were killed with others injured must be arrested if found.

Three of the young men in the said video have come out in another video claiming they are not armed robbers but were only sending a threatening message across to a rival illegal surface miners who had been stealing from them. They went to the extent of invoking the Antoa river god and other gods and fetishes to exonerate themselves from any acts of armed robbery. They continued to curse those taking them for armed robbers.

Their cock and bull story supported by their attempted exonerating invocation of the gods should not be taken for the truth. If they were serious by their claim, they would have already reported themselves to the police by which they could only be charged with possession of sophisticated weapons without licence and causing public fear and panic.

Seeking to free themselves from blame and arrest by their second video makes them expert bandits who should not be spared when arrested.

Anyone with information about their whereabouts should please contact the police. These lawless criminals in the country emboldened by the ineffective law enforcement and prosecution and corrupt judges should be dealt with when caught.

With the newfound boldness by the present day youthful Ghanaian freedom fighters, the days that criminals and political thieves could easily commit crimes with impunity are fading away. The days of people committing crimes and getting away with them are numbered.

Rockson Adofo