The attention of New Patriotic Party in KEEA has been drawn to news circulating on various social media outlets on a planned demonstration against the government on the non- functioning of the Komenda Sugar factory. We as a party, thought it was one of the usual propaganda gimmicks of the NDC until we saw a letter delivered to the Police concerning this planned demonstration which is seeking their protection. We must first of all state that, NPP KEEA shares in the frustration of the people of Komenda over the inability of the factory to operate. We also believe that, the factory when in operation, will create employments to the teeming youth and better the standard of living of the community and Municipality. Because of this, we support any action that seeks to draw the attention of government on the need to work around the clock to get the factory operational. However, when such action is borne out of malice, liars and propaganda, it behooves on us as a party, to set the records straight and bring clarity to the issues.

First of all we would like to bring to the notice of the general public that Ransford, the self acclaimed convener (In disguise) of the planned demonstration and all other members of their leadership are known NDC members. Also, we want the public to know that, he was also a former board secretary to the Sugar Factory. By this presser, we seek to expose the mischief, ingenuity, dishonesty and hypocrisy in the narrative of the group and their actions. The convener and his political group the NDC, have sought to create the impression that the non- functioning of the factory is the making of the NPP government and we find this as most unfortunate and an affront to the intelligence people of KEEA . We want the good people of Ghana to take a look at the brief background of the Komenda Sugar factory and other matters surrounding it.


As we are all aware, the Komenda Sugar Factory was built by Seftech Company, an Indian firm in the erstwhile NDC administration led by the Incompetent John Dramani Mahama. The consultant for the project was also an Indian firm called Hi-tech. The total amount of the factory was around $36.5m of which the Ghana Exim Bank at that time also gave a grant of about Ghc3m for acces to the project location, and am sure that money went into the pockets of some individuals.

The factory was commissioned by former president John Dramani Mahama on 30th May 2016. High profile NDC dignitaries presented that day were Hon. Samuel Atta Mills, current MP for KEEA, Hon. Ricketts Kweku Hagan, the then central regional minister and current MP for Cape Coast South, Ekow Spio Garbrah, former Trade and Industry minister and Naana Jane Opoku Agyeman, former Education minister and a native of Komenda. All the aforementioned names are from the Central Region and two of them were cabinet ministers under then regime. After the commissioning on the 30th May 2016, the factory was halted from operating on the 1st June 2016 for whatever reasons. As a matter of fact, the factory did not operate again until NPP came to power. People like Captain Smart were made to organised a live program from the komenda township to lie about the production state of the factory but here we are now.

Ladies and gentlemen, We would like to ask Ransford and his NDC apparachiks the following questions;

Which political party was in power when the factory was commissioned?

Why was the factory shut down just a day after commissioning it?

Where was raw materials going to be obtained from or did they make plans for the acquisition of raw materials?

Where was the testing sugar sourced from. Was it a ploy to deceive the good people of Komenda and it environs for their votes?

What was the role of Samuel Atta Mills, current MP for KEEA, Ricketts Kweku Hagan, former central regional minister and current MP for Cape Coast South, Ekow Spio Garbrah, former Trade and Industry minister and Naana Jane Opoku Agyeman, former Education minister and a native of Komenda in reviving the operationalization of the factory?

Ransford, a former Board Secretary to the Komenda Sugar Factory, should tell us his role to ensure the factory worked during the time of the NDC?

What strategic plan did the Board put in place on source of raw material and sustainability of the factory?

How many acreage of land did the Board acquire for long-term production of raw materials?


There is a general principle that he who seeks equity must come with a clean hand.Typical of the NDC, they create the problem and turn around to ask people to fix it but we the NPP will fix the mess they have created.

Members of the press, let’s take a look at what the NPP has done for the Sugar Factory

The government in the latter part of 2019 brought in a strategic investor to take over.

This strategic investor is to do a recapitalization which will see the factory become operational.

However, the Covid-19 pandemic affected his implementation plans and especially from a place where the Covid-19 was very deadly, he had to pause travelling. As we speak, the government is still negotiating with the investor to start work as soon as possible. The government has never relent on it efforts to see the factory in operation and as a party, we want to assure the teeming youth of KEEA that, the strategic investor will certainly come on board as soon as possible. The Komenda Sugar Factory will come back to life.

We therefore entreat the general public to treat the invitation to join the demonstration with the contempt it deserves and know that it is a ploy by the NDC to hand over their mess unto the neck of the NPP. The said demonstration is borne out of malice and it seeks to achieve a selfish interest of some greedy individuals who even lack the moral impetus to comment on the Komenda Sugar Factory.

Last but not the least, if the NDC says the komenda sugar factory ever produced sugar, we want to know which laboratory did the testing for the chemicals and ingredients used in producing that so called sugar. We say this because per the 2017 evaluation report of the Komenda Sugar factory by Price water house Coopers (PWC), the Laboratory was sighted at page 10, point 4, was clear that the equipments for laboratory was not installed and therefore they couldn’t have done any tests to produced any sugar from that uncompleted factory. So we ask, how did they produce that fake sugar? We want to plead with Ghanaians to support the NPP for a better Ghana.

Long Live KEEA
Long Live GHANA

Michael Botsio
NPP Communications Director -KEEA