Rooting out armed robberies and wilful murders in Ghana must be a collective responsibility

The rampant reports of armed robberies and intentional murders as are taking place in Ghana really get to me. I become emotionally moved, wondering for how long such acts of dreadful insecurity will be allowed to perpetuate in Ghana. The armed robberies, wilful murders, and arsons, must be stopped at all cost without ifs and buts.

To rid Ghana of the mentioned problems will require the cooperation of all Ghanaians, except probably, the perpetrators of such heinous crimes who stand to benefit from them. The government cannot successfully nail down the crimes without our “all hands on deck” cooperation. The fight against the alarmingly mushrooming armed robberies and deliberately executed murders, must be seen as the collective responsibility of you and l, thus, the duty of every living sane Ghanaian, no matter which corner of the earth you live in.

You may know your neighbour and the people that live there very well. You may know about their diurnal and nocturnal activities and whether such activities are genuine or criminal. Once you have any suspicions about them, anonymously alert the police through any dedicated phone line or service they have provided for reporting on criminals.

The court judges must also be ready to expeditiously try cases involving murders, armed robberies and arsons as may be brought before their court without their usual deliberate deferments of hearing, let alone, ruling and conviction.

We cannot continue to have in our midst murderers of all sorts to make living in Ghana scary and unappealing to many. We cannot continue to allow arsonists, murderers and armed robbers have a field day all of the time as though, the country belongs to them alone. We are not living in a jungle of the survival of the fittest. We should rather live in the jungle where animals able to adapt to the changing harsh conditions can survive, and strongly of course.

It is sad to hear of situations where babies, pregnant women and men are killed with their parts harvested for ritual purposes in Ghana. This nonsense must stop with immediate effect through my suggested “all hands on deck” fight. We may know the criminals among us so we had better take the fight to them.

Many a time, some people have come on air to make shocking revelations about their knowledge of, or involvement in, ritual murders. However, as weak as the law enforcement and application of the laws are in Ghana, nothing happens to those making such shocking claims.

What did the law enforcement agents (police, National Security, BNI) do when Demon Breaker, Manasseh and Rev. Obofour went on air at various times to assert their awareness of, and/or participations in ritual murders of innocent persons carried out by some pastors and business tycoons in Ghana? Absolutely nothing!

Whereas in the whiteman’s country their security agents will encourage the public to volunteer information on murder, arson and armed robbery incidents to help them catch the perpetrators, even at times, at some expense, thus rewarding he who offers information leading to the arrest and prosecution of the culprits, in Ghana, the situation is totally different.

When one willingly volunteers information as in the case of the mentioned persons, the police and the leaders of the nation do practically nothing about them. How could Rev. Obofour claim in a video posted on YouTube that he knows a business tycoon in Ghana who drinks human blood and kills people all the time yet, nothing was done about him or the person he knows to be killing people?

Are we serious as a nation and a people?

The NDC National Chairman Samuel Ofosu-Ampofo is still walking a free man after all his plots to cause insecurity in the nation which indeed are manifesting.

For my “all hands on deck” clarion call to be successful, I shall suggest to the President of Ghana to detail the security heads in the nation to cause their departments to interrogate people like Rev. Obofour, Demon Breaker and others who come out to make self-confessions about their knowledge of, or involvements in, ritual murders of innocent human beings.

Innocent people are being murdered for all stupid reasons in Ghana. This must stop!


The President must task the police, the army, the BNI and National Security to round up all those who come on air to claim they have powers to help others acquire quick money. These mallams, pastors or fetish priests making such claims are the originators of the murders. They are those encouraging the ongoing murders in Ghana hence must be investigated and if proven to be dodgy, the law must deal with them. Ghanaians must willingly report on suspects if we really desire to curtail or exterminate murders, armed robberies and arsons from Ghana.

To conclude, a national movement to fight armed robberies, wilful murders and arsons must be formed. Those politicians criminally behind such nefarious activities all in the name of “want of political power” are warned. A fight will be taken to them and when it does, they should not blame anyone but themselves. We cannot keep limping on as a nation while being engulfed by intentional murders, arsons and armed robberies masterminded and orchestrated by criminals and political opportunists.

Rockson Adofo