Seeking the general opinion of Ghanaians on a true story of who deserves greater praise – the person taking you abroad or the person helping you while abroad

There is an ongoing worrying issue but which requires honest decision and determination to bury the hatchet once and for all. I prefer dealing with the issue by putting it into a question to be asked the general Ghanaian public and any interested but discerning person the world over.

Assuming you are in Ghana and your brother or sister for your own good and that of your extended family conveys you abroad to say, France, Britain, Germany or the United States of America. A few years after landing in any of the mentioned countries where your brother or sister is already domiciled, you happen to get a woman or man to marry you. The marriage then leads to you getting the legal residency papers in the country. Subsequently, you are able to work. You have become very successful, acquiring many properties.

Out of the two people, your brother or sister bringing you abroad from your village in the remote area of Ghana, and the person you marry while abroad by which you have become successful in life, which of them deserves praise and which of them doesn’t? Again, to whom of the two should the first praise go to, if both of them are deemed worthy of praise? Who should be praised more than the other, in case both don’t deserve equal praise? Which of them should not be praised at all?

If you have not been brought abroad, you wouldn’t have met your lover. If your lover has not come into your life, you wouldn’t have got legal residency paper to get a job that has made you so rich.

There is a true case of the nature as described above currently ongoing within a family in Ghana, causing contention hence my desire as a problem-solver to seek to resolve the issue through the public court via public opinion.

My usual online publishers could assist by causing the question to be posted on their website under their public opinion poll column if they so desire.

Until then, I rest my case.

Rockson Adofo