Sir Gabo writes a long letter from his famous hometown Sakora Wonoo to pay tribute to Sir John the former de facto President of Sakora Wonoo whose burial will take place on Thursday June 3, 2021. Sir John is Gone with Politics.

Sir Gabo writes a long letter from his famous hometown Sakora Wonoo to pay tribute to Sir John the former de facto President of Sakora Wonoo whose burial will take place on Thursday June 3, 2021.

Sir John the living legend of Sakora Wonoo is Gone with Politics.

Since July 1, 2020 when you succumbed to the call by our maker at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, the towns and villages surrounding Sakora Wonoo have become as quiet as the cemetery because their beloved orator, Sir John remained silent.We are ready to hear his pleasant voice but our dear Mr Nice Man Sir John cannot speak.

SIr John made politics fascinating and accessible to the ordinary mind in Ghana. He used biblical analogies, folklores and proverbs in our Twi dialect to explain issues that border on politics clearly to the easy understanding of the man on the street. His style and witty way of speaking endeared him to the hearts and minds of many Ghanaians including a great number of the opposition NDC members.

We could do worse than remember Sir John for his political jargon – Fear Delegates – which could be considered as the most definitive comment in Ghanaian politics.His comment is so classic and penetrating that the President of Ghana – Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo never hesitated to quote Sir John’s famous political language during NPP’s Delegates’ Conference in Cape Coast last year.

My admiration for Sir John is reasonable and real. He was in many ways a marvelous and courageous man. At least he demonstrated that on two different occasions in 1978 and 2013.

In 1978 Sir John demonstrated his courage and bravery to the people of Sakora Wonoo during General Kutu Acheampong’s Union Government Referendum.The people of Sakora Wonoo had barely finished casting their votes when some police officers came around to tell us that the votes ought to be counted at the police station.

Our beloved Sir John supported by Messrs Opoku Adarkwa(Man ZIri) and Oware Boateng told the police officers: “It had been announced in the air that all ballot papers should be counted at the polling stations,” He fearlessly said this in front of about 5 officers in uniform holding guns. Sir John made sure his voice was loud enough by stating that several times.This expression alone was strong enough to demolish and deter them from carrying the boxes away.

Since that day, I have always respected people who muster courage to defend the truth.

Sir John was a law student by then. Not knowing who Sir John was, coupled with his steely ambition to defend the people of Sakora Wonoo, the officers had to leave us alone. As a teenager impressed by Sir John’s sense of bravery and patriotism, I joined the crowd of people who clapped for him for defending us and hooted at the officers who had intentionally stormed the place to bully us and cow us into submission through deceit.The officers quickly drove away feeling humiliated and embarrassed.

Indeed, Sir John proved to be a brilliant lawyer long before became a qualified lawyer. In 2013, he became the leading voice within the NPP Party to campaign that Nana Addo would lead the party for the third time “even if he were in a wheel chair.” He stood out courageously to declare his intentions to the admiration and envy of many.

He made politics interesting just as Prof. PAV Ansah made journalism beautiful. As a matter of fact, Sir John has gone with all the joy and humour in politics.

He didn’t only spend his time doing politics but also worshipped his creator.On several occasions, he preached at Sakora Wonoo SDA Church. SIr John was a member of the Youth Evangelical Singers(YES) group, Legon.He was also the leader of the Sakora Wonoo SDA three-member singing group -The Angelic Chorus who sang and praised the Almighty God in the 70s.

By his active campus politics as Sarbah Hall JCR President, a leading member of the Ashanti Students’ Union(ASU), a leading member of Sakora Wonoo Students’ Union and his eventually becoming the General Secretary of the NPP and finally as the Chief Executive Officer of the Forestry Commission, Sir John made very positive impressions on many people especially us, the natives of Sakora Wonoo,

We thank God for giving you to us and all the golden opportunities he bestowed on you.

SIr John, I hope you are in a better place. And as you watch over your wife, the children, the members of the Oyoko family of Wonoo, your friends and acquaintances not forgetting the President of Ghana, Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo – I am sure you feel happy due to the precious kindness and love you shared with us.

May God keep your soul until we all meet in heaven one day.

I remain,
Yours truly,
Kofi Asante(Sir Gabo)
The Editor-in-Chief
The Sakora Wonoo Economist.