Sorry, we have misfits as parliamentarians in Ghana!

I wonder if most of the people at parliament do really qualify to be there. Their behaviour, pronouncements and conduct, suggest to me they don’t belong there but elsewhere. They come across as misfits for parliamentary duties.

How on earth could a parliamentarian worth his salt, come out shamelessly to announce to the whole country that he, along with his total NDC comrades in parliament, will oppose the leasing of part of the Nyinahin forest to Rocksure mining company to mine bauxite because of Ibrahim Mahama?

The NDC minority leader in parliament, dishonourable-cum-plagiarist Haruna Iddrisu, has stated emphatically that he will move the entire NDC caucus in parliament to oppose the NPP government’s bauxite deal with Rocksure mining company. His very absurd reason offered, although unbefitting of a Member of Parliament, is that the NPP government refused to grant the mining concession to Ibrahim Mahama, the younger half-sibling of former President John Dramani Mahama.

For him, the fact that Ibrahim Mahama is a Ghanaian, the concession should have gone to him without any ifs and buts. I laugh my head off seeing how some people calling themselves honourable parliamentarians can be so childish in their reasoning and or, arguments.

For public recollection, former President Mahama signed 75% of the Nyinahin bauxite concession to his brother Ibrahim Mahama on  29 December 2016, after he had lost the 7 December 2016 general election and had barely a week to leave office to hand over the reins of government to the incoming NPP administration of Nana Akufo-Addo.

However, he failed to abide by the stipulations of Articles 257 and 268 as are entrenched in the 1992 Constitution in regard to the leasing of mineral deposits to mining companies. He failed to present the deal, dubious as it turned out to be, to parliament for approval.

Therefore, was it not just right for the incoming government to see it as non-starter from the beginning simply for the fact that procedural constitutional requirement had not been followed through? Why then should a member of parliament, a minority leader in that sense, see the abrogation of the probable lease contract between John Mahama and his brother by the NPP government as wrong, hence his resolute determination to mobilise the NDC parliamentarians to oppose the leasing of portion of the Nyinahin bauxite concession to Rocksure company should the government present it to parliament for approval.

He claims since two-thirds (2/3) parliamentary majority will be needed to pass approval, the contract with Rocksure is dead on arrival if presented before parliament owing to the purported concerted mobilisation of the NDC caucus in parliament to defeat it, as evil as they are.

Why does Haruna Iddrisu think that without parliamentary approval, the dubiously signed bauxite concession by John Dramani Mahama to Ibrahim Mahama should have been allowed to sail through? Is Haruna indeed a knowledgeable parliamentarian who understands and can interpret the 1992 Constitution? I doubt it!

I cry for my country Ghana for having such likely misfits making laws to govern the nation. If it is not Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa doing his nut, it is presumably double-salary-taker Haruna Iddrisu displaying his lack of understanding of the 1992 Constitution that has unfortunately made him a parliamentarian to make laws for Ghanaians.

I once published an article on the illegal attempt by then outgoing President John Dramani Mahama to nearly lease the alleged 75% concession of the Nyinahin bauxite deposit to his brother Ibrahim Mahama so I shall not spend my precious time on the issue but to simply  quote the link below.

Ibrahim Mahama is within his Constitutional Rights to Chase the Bauxite Deal but….


Is it a crime to intentionally take double salary for years for the same one job done? If yes, what is being done to those dishonourable members of parliament alleged to have secretly availed themselves of double salary for years?

Rockson Adofo