Stop Lying, You Are The One Financing #FixTheCountry- Hopeson Fires Mahama

Convener for the Fixing the Country Movement, Hopeson Adorye, has advised former President John Mahama, to behave as a stateman and avoid inviting unnecessary controversy unto himself.  

Mr. Mahama has claimed that he doesn’t stand to benefit politically from the agenda of #FixTheCountry group, though the group identifies with the National Democratic Congress (NDC)   

But Mr. Adorye in an interview on Wontumi TV which was monitored by stated that he would have heavily fired Mr. Mahama for lying had he not been a former President before.  

According to him, the daily lies of Mr. Mahama is getting a lot of Ghanaians angry and they would have wished to treat him with salvos; but for respect, they are being measured.    

“I would have insulted him well if he wasn’t a former President. He is the sole beneficiary of the group”, Mr. Adorye said to expose Mr. Mahama.  

According to him, all the financially support #FixTheCountry receives comes directly from Mr. Mahama and finds it offensive he is trying to lie about it. 

“He is not being truthful; he is the one supporting them financing. The group don’t have money, he is giving them money. Demonstrations are capital intensive, no one can demonstrate without money”, he said.  

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