Stop These Populist Submissions With Respect To The Raging Article 71 Emoluments Brouhaha – A Letter To Okudzeto Ablakwa

Stop These Populist Submissions With Respect To The Raging Article 71 Emoluments Brouhaha – A Letter To Okudzeto Ablakwa

Dear Hon. Okudzeto Ablakwa,

Your Kweku Ananse style of politicking is becoming nauseating as they are becoming one too many.

I have read your piece on Facebook about the need to overhaul this Article 71 emoluments regime since you believe it has same traits with the obnoxious apartheid system of yesterday.

You have also made a passionate appeal to the leadership of Parliament to, as a matter of urgency, consider a discontinuation of the practice whereby the state gives loans to MPs to purchase their vehicles. You want that to be scrapped as soon as practicable.

I find these outbursts of yours as timeserving or opportunistic. For 12 years, it never occurred to you that the Article 71 regime was a ripoff and a drain on our coffers.

Your political godfathers, assuming your position is even true, have benefited from this same regime but you never complained.

You yourself have benefited immensely from same all these years as MP. You have amassed enough wealth from this same Article 71 concept over the past 12 years, so you believe you have enough stashed away and can, therefore, live comfortably if it is done away with.

If you are a man of principles, why don’t you refund all that you have received from the scheme you love to hate now to the state?

Populism is the driving force behind this weird but logically incongruous piece of yours. When the current emoluments were tabled before Parliament recently, did you kick against it? No! You happily supported its passage into law but when public sentiments heightened and weighed against same, you want to save face and be seen to be not supporting what is considered to be wrong or ‘evil’! Your hypocrisy stinks!

You are under no compulsion whatsoever to accept the results or outcomes of the Article 71 emoluments scheme.

No one has put a gun on your head to accept the loan contracted by the state for your vehicle. You can reject it.

You were a part of the Appointment’s Committee but jettisoned the team without being sanctioned since it was within your right. You can equally reject this without sweat!

You want to kick against these items because you have bought about three cars from same. Would you have said this if you were a first time MP?

Some of these sanctimonious pieces ought to be told to the marines. But for the backlash emanating from these emoluments now, would you have written this?

Your angelic posturing with respect to this matter is contrived and affected at best since it is motivated by the whirlwind blowing across the political landscape over these emoluments and loans.

Abandon the loan, you are not under any coercion to accept it. Gift your cars acquired over the years from the Article 71 scheme to the state to sell. We shall see you as an honest person if and only if you are able to embrace this life of material celibacy as a Member of Parliament.

P.K.Sarpong, Whispers from the Corridors of the Thinking Place.