Take advantage of the positive side of digitisation — Oheneyere Gifty Anti to girls

A renowned journalist and gender activist Oheneyere Gifty Anti has advised young girls to take advantage of the positive side of the digital world and reap the benefits.

She admonished that the digital world also has its dark sides as well as positive sides, warning them to be careful whenever they get into contact with any undesired content.

Oheneyere Gifty was the guest speaker at the Klottey Korle Education Directorate’s celebration of International Girls’ Day.

The celebration which took place at the Osu Presby hall brought together several students from all schools in the directorate, teachers and the Ghana Girls Guide.

The theme for the International Girls’ Day celebration was “Digitization.”

The former Ghana Broadcasting Corporation broadcaster who is known to be passionate about feminism noted that allowing the dark sides of the digital world into their lives would destroy them, hence the need to be careful.

According to her, she won awards because of her activities on social media encouraging the girls again, to “take control of the digital world.”

She stated, “The internet does not forget, my young ladies, anything you do today, especially those of you in your teens, remember that you are not just having fun, remember that you are not just writing anything, and remember that you are not just posting any picture. That picture may come back to make or unmake you….

“I have girls who do my make-up, some do my beads, some sew for me, they learnt it on youtube, this same digital world. In your free time, when you go on social media, take a little time to learn something that will be of benefit to you.”

She inspired them to be greater in life, adding that they could use the digital platforms to enhance the possibility of reaching their dreams.

“I want you to know that to make your dreams possible, to make your goals possible, to make your achievements complete, you can use the digital platforms that you have, to enhance it, to promote it, so don’t waste your time, don’t mess up your life.

“I want you to know, that some of us understand you, we are rooting for you, we understand your hustles, the difficulties, the abuse and things you are going through but don’t give up, don’t keep quiet, speak to your teachers, speak to counsellors, don’t let anything be a stumbling block in your achievement as a girl. You can do it, you’ve been built to conquer the world,” she inspired.

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