The Ashanti Regional Minister is corruptly leaving no stone unturned to get Kumawu Sekyere District DCE nominee approved

The Ashanti Regional Minister, Simon Osei Mensah (Hon), a gaffe-prone individual who could in any serious country be classed as unfit for ministerial position, is causing public disaffection for His Excellency the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo. Many a time in his post as the Ashanti Regional Minister has he  made statements that have compromised the integrity of his master, the president.

Now, he has resorted to obviously a corrupt practice to have the Kumawu Sekyere District DCE nominee, Samuel Addai Agyekum, approved by the assembly members by all means possible.

As revealed in my previous publication, the minister has withdrawn four sitting government appointees on the Kumawu Sekyere District assembly to replace them with four new ones. His sole diabolic intent and purpose is to enhance the approval of Samuel Addai Agyekum, the president’s nominee DCE, in the likely event of third time casting of votes by the assembly members.

He has now come out with a letter to the effect of an imminent voting for the third time on the nominee, Samuel Addai Agyekum, following his two recent rejections by the Kumawu Sekyere District assembly members through the casting of their votes as required by law.

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All my recent publications on the alleged illegalities in perpetration by the Ashanti Regional Minister, Simon Osei Mensah, on behalf of the president and the NPP government, are to sensitize the citizens of both the Kumawu Sekyere District and Kumawu Constituency to how the authorities don’t care a hoot about their collective welfare. They have absolutely no respect for them. They care not about the prosperity of their district and constituency or else, they will not dubiously seek to impose a non-performing person on them as their DCE, contrary to the wish of the people.

Samuel Addai Agyekum is only best at lying about the non-existence of development projects in the district as existing and frequenting radio and TV stations heaping praises on the president.

He has childishly been informing the Ghanaian public about the achievements of the president in the Kumawu Sekyere district whereas the opposite is true. No such developments have taken place in the district. He just exaggerates in order to win favour in the eyes of the president and the NPP government.

However, that is not the reason why the assembly members voted to approve him as DCE in 2017. He is not an asset but a total liability to the district and the people.

Could the president please justify why Samuel Addai Agyekum should continue to be the DCE for the district? Does the president want the people of the district and their communities to develop or he wants them to remain only as a people good for adding more votes to the NPP at elections but unworthy of anything else?

I am sure President Nana Akufo-Addo I know, trust and support, would never seek to treat the people of the Kumawu Sekyere district  and Kumawu constituency as rags only good for chucking away once used, but that seemingly misfit Ashanti Regional Minister, Simon Osei Mensah.

For any action, there is a reaction. The NPP will one day surely suffer repercussions of the deplorable attitude in exhibition by the Regional Minister as spoken at length about in my recent publications.

I have always insisted on being a voice for the voiceless hence I shall defend my people of Kumawuman and Asante Juaben any day any time, against abuses of power by whomever. Underestimating their intelligence, taking them for fools and denying them a share of the national cake will not sit well with me. In such events, I shall come out hard on those abusing them.

It really hurts me to come out taking a hard critical posture against the president, somebody I love, support and spend an awful lot of time writing to defend. However, the occasion demands that I take the line of action I have taken all because of one individual or a few individuals seeking their selfish interests hence antagonizing the people of Kumawu Sekyere district and constituency whose co-operation contributed to the success of NPP in both elections 2016 and 2020.

A traditional chief has illegally been imposed on Kumawuman by outsiders who think they are too powerful to be challenged. Now, a DCE is also being cleverly imposed on same people by a Regional Minister who thinks Ashanti region or Ghana belongs to him hence he can do as he likes when he wants.

With the passage of time, we shall all live to witness the turn of events. When will the abandoned Kumawu government hospital be restarted to completion? I am just asking!

Rockson Adofo