The NDC are very disgraceful indeed!

I have always been wondering why almost every member or sympathiser of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) appears to be a liar, evil-minded and a saboteur, especially, towards the New Patriotic Party (NPP), if not towards the Ghanaian citizenry? Those in the NDC are always of that absurd opinion and belief that they are born to be heads but not tails, similarly as the White South Africans (Afrikaans).

The Afrikaans have always believed by indoctrination that they are superior to the blacks hence must always rule them. Even after the abolition of the murderous and dehumanising apartheid regime, the White South African still sees themselves as born to lead but not to be led. Such is the character of the NDC as a political party and a people.

A political party that had an elected office of propaganda to churn out lies to deceive the public but not for the dissemination of information on their good policies to moving the country forward is not worth its salt. Do the NDC have any good policies at all? Are they able to initiate any good policies of their own without always having first to bastardise the NPP, then steal their policies to present them as their own, thus, NDC’s?

What do those in the NDC party, especially their leadership, take Ghanaians for? Do they see us as a bunch of ignoramuses only worthy of toying with? For how long shall Ghanaians allow NDC to underrate their intelligence, throwing dust into their eyes; always trying their hardest for us to believe and accept that black is white, because the NDC have said so?

Does it make any sense at all to see that group of people called NDC desirous to rule Ghana always plotting evil against the very people they want to come to rule? Why should they think that by killing some Ghanaians, kidnapping people, insulting people and perpetrating arsons in Ghana will be more than enough strategy to frighten the Ghanaian electorate to vote them to power?

Has their uncivilized, opportunist, useless and mentally-retarded National Chairman Samuel Ofosu-Ampofo, an Elder at the Pentecost Church, not through strategic coaching, admonished the NDC to take to the evil activities just mentioned above to make the nation ungovernable hence  the NPP government and President Nana Akufo-Addo becoming unpopular in the eyes of the electorate to subsequently be voted out of power?

Should their hatched evil plans materialise, the government is likely to suffer public disaffection and condemnation for being weak on the security and safety of the people hence ultimately getting voted out of power to bring back the NDC. Why must we as a nation and people tolerate such evil persons, let alone, entrusting the governance of the nation into their hands?

The NDC have cultivated the deplorable habit of always demonising any useful social intervention policies and programmes introduced by the visionary President Nana Akufo-Addo and his NPP government. Why can’t they for once appreciate and acknowledge some of these social intervention programmes as being in the best interest of the citizenry, which of course they are?

Why do they constantly relish in pulling the NPP government down by secretly or openly inciting people to embark on public demonstrations for all silly reasons?

Let Ghanaians understand that the Covid-19 pandemic has brought hardships upon every country in the world but not Ghana alone. Therefore, the NDC trying to blame such hardships on the incompetence, callousness and corruption by the government is a blow or punch far below the belt.

I have never seen a political party that is overflowing with lies, evil-mindedness and the lack of love for its country than the NDC. Those in the NDC as clueless, incompetent and corrupt as they are, always do think about how best they can create, loot and share the wealth of the country among their leadership and few well-placed opportunists within their rank.

Ghanaians, please don’t make a mistake to bring the NDC back sooner as they are never ready to shed their evilness and greediness, especially with Mr John Dramani Mahama, the former president, still as their leader.

Rockson Adofo